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You Aced The First Date! Now What?......

So you had an amazing date. On a scale from 1-10 you'd probably rate it a 20. You were up all night telling your best friend the details, and slept like a baby reminiscing of how much fun you had together. Now comes the fun part...WAITING FOR HIM TO CALL. I'm sure you've already took the initiative and read countless articles of whether or not he is interested, why he hasn't called, or if you should call him. Which now brought you to mine. One of the worst things about dating is it can be unpredictable. Sometimes you could have followed all the "rules" and still be alone on a Friday night.

Give Yourself a Deadline.

No matter what advice you take, you're still going to be thinking in the back of your mind when this guy is going to call or text you. Allow yourself about a week of waiting around to make your decision to move on.

Think like a Guy.

If things are really amazing now would you want the tingles and butterflies to fester away so quickly? I'm…

If Only 3! Were A Crowd

Boyfriend have a lot of friends? Do you feel intimidated by it? Are you reading this blog because you feel shadowed by his social life? If you answered "Yes" to all of these questions this is definitely the blog for you.
Not everyone is a social butterfly, some of us only have a few close friends that they've had since high school while others have the gift of making friends at the post office. If you're dating a guy who appears to know the entire! neighborhood then it can be a little intimidating when you have more of a reclusive personality.
Places of Insecurity
At a Party One of the worst situations is to be at a party and feel completely foreign to everyone else. No one wants to be in a situation where they don't know anyone and can not relate to what is going on. It makes the experience awkward and just plain dreadful. Which may even have you contemplating on if the relationship is even worth the humiliation. As remedial as it sounds, the best approach is to …

Is Chivalry Really Dead?

Before it was said the way to a girl's heart was to open the door for her. Today it's known to send her a good morning text message. Since romance novels and films such as Twilight and The Notebook have severely altered the female perception of romance, one can find themselves overlooking tiny acts of chivalry. What may not seem like a gentleman to you might actually be a decent guy to keep around.

Although we live in a different generation than our grandparents, it's not out of the question that men today still pick up on "old school" manors. Some men have come a long way since their days of "going steady" and romantic dates at the local roller rink when they were 12. Others however are just bigger kids with  smaller expectations.

Scenario: A true gentleman will treat dating like their dream job. After years of working a 9-5 that caused nothing but stress and aggravation (ex girlfriends) he finally gets the call (you) to be an executive at a major co…

How Much is Too Much?

Lately it seems (well at least in my social network) that the new trend is “Relationship Validation”. Meaning so many couples (mostly girls) feel like they have to constantly remind their friends that they are in a relationship. When staring at your news feed, how many times do you see almost the exact same status from one of your friends that refers to the person they are currently dating? No one wants to be Debbie Downer and appear bitter to someone’s happiness, but if you notice a pattern in their public displays of affection you might find that they are putting on a show for a reason. When it comes to relationships, there are two types of people the veterans and the validators.

Veterans: Almost everyone knows at least one couple who has been together for over two years and is still going strong. They work as a team; they’re not afraid to fight, and are good at finding a common ground rather then holding grudges towards each other. They’re past the honeymoon phase, but are still a…

Burlesque Movie Preview

Pop Sensation Christina Aguilera, known for her amazing singing abilities stars in her first lead role Burlesque. A musical film directed by actor Steve Antin much known for his role as the "Preppy Jock" in the 1985 classic The Goonies. Not only is Aguilera the last of the Mickey Mouse Club to be casted in a movie, but she is also following in the footsteps of her peers. After completing the almost 3 minute trailer, I came to conclude my plot theory for this film. I would consider this movie to be linked as Chicago meets Glitter. Typical story of small town girl moving to the big bad city in hopes of becoming a star. The way I see my theory to go, Ali Rose (Aquilera) moves to LA to find she has fallen in love with a burlesque lounge managed by Tess (Cher). After being denied as a dancer Tess's assistant Sean (Stanly Tucci) gives Ali a job as a waitress. With much frustration of how the lounge is slowly loosing their "it" factor Ali attempts to audition to save…

5 Signs He Is A Player

We all have that one friend who falls for the bad boy or we just think it's common sense to know when a guy is only after one thing. However when it's happening to you it can be hard to pull yourself away from the obvious and see what's right in from us. Like me, sometimes we have to  learn these signs the hard way. After surveying several guys, the answers were pretty unanimous of what to look out for

1.He sells himself as the victim  Whether its your first date or the first time you two have a conversation outside of texting pay attention to how he sells himself. If he tells you that he always gets dumped and he can never find a nice girl most likely he can already tell that you are a nice girl. Instantly! You are thinking "omg that's me! i'm a good girl" this is the moment he found his bait to reel you in. He wants you to feel bad for him and have that drive to prove your different then the fictional girls who have broken his heart. This is his way to us…

Everybody's Doing It

This blog is a little different from my normal blogs because it's more personal. There always comes that time in our life when we feel pressured to do something we're not ready to do, or don't want to do at all. Whether it's having sex, doing drugs, or drinking, there are going to be people in our lives that just don't understand our choice to say "NO!".

My recent birthday of 21 years of age brought a small frenzy of friends and associates that were eager to take me out to the local bar. When they asked what my new experience was like they soon became confused after finding out I have still yet to cross this so called "right of passage". "Why?" is a basic yet popular question I get frequently, along with the sound of annoyance in their voices when they hear that I am not quite ready yet.

For so long I was once respected for coming this far now that I am 21 I am ridiculed. But it wasn't like I didn't know this day was coming. …

The Seven Deadliest Friends

We all have one or know of one. That person who is just pure toxic to your life. Just like people, friends like these come different shapes and sizes the question is which one is yours?

The Scene Stealer
The girl that even on your birthday finds a way to make it all about her. Takes all your ideas, is relatively codependent,and when confronting her has the nerve to say you're being too self involved.

The Drama Queen

Confides in you with her deepest, darkest secrets, but slowly puts her own drama into your life. She has more stories then a sky scraper, and convinces her enemies to be at your house with pitch forks and torches.

The Frienemy Basically she loves you today and finds a way to hate you tomorrow

The Maneater You tell her about your biggest crush and right when you're ready to make your move she's already made her's

The Backstabber
Like the maneater, but is quick to throw you under the bus to save her own ass

The Barbie Doll

She's as fake as you can get, incapab…

How Soon is too Soon?

So the first date is going really well. Your into him and he's definitely into you. It's time to say your goodbyes for the evening, but a simple kiss goodnight isn't going to suffice. Should you go for it? or call it night?

We're only human, and because of this we naturally feed off urges from others when the chemistry seems to be very strong. However, if your are in the hopes of getting a relationship out of this, maybe jumping into sex too soon may not be the best choice.

What to Look out For: If you find that he is moving very fast in terms of him being so into you and making you feel amazing don't underestimate him. This doesn't automatically mean he's playing you, but it doesn't mean he's being honest with you either. Sometimes the biggest hints are in the smallest conversations. When playing 21 questions during dinner, pay attention to key points. Ask how long his recent relationship was. If he just got out of a 1-4 year + relationship he may no…

What Makes a Good Profile?

As we become deeper into the information age, more of us rely on technology for our everyday lives.

According to recent statistics, 1 in 5 relationships begin on an online dating site. If you have found yourself contemplating on whether or not you should give online dating a try, keep in mind when it comes to your profile, it should not be taken lightly.


Believe it or not your username says a lot about you. Usernames such as hot4U26 and Sexykitten69 may question your seriousness as to why your one a dating site. This should also help when you yourself are searching for a match.

Be Honest

As far as the internet goes, we can be anyone we want to be, but when it comes to dating sites, honesty is the best policy. You wouldn't want to

Don't be too General
 find yourself totally into what you thought was a great catch to find out later they fibbed quit a few times on their personal description. You want someone to like you for you not their idea of perfect

When it comes to d…

My Top 5 ....


When we were little girls we had this list of what we wanted in a guy, but once we got older, we forgot to also focus on what we didn't want. So many of us can get so mesmerized by the pros that we are blinded by obvious cons

The Loser

This is the guy who has to find a ride for everywhere he goes, is living off unemployment checks and a good time out consists of reckless entertainment. He has no life goals or aspirations,his best friend is Jack Daniels and his first wife is Mary Jane.

Mr. Humble This is the guy who feels like he's doing you a favor by going out with him, loves getting attention, the smartest thing he's ever done was finish high school and you find him glancing in any kind reflection from time to time. You have nothing in common with him except the way you feel about his body and not only is he full of himself, but he is quick to drop you when youno longer fit his "image" aka the girl he met last night.

The Tech…

The Art of Rejection

"What's Wrong with me?" Normally, this is the first question that goes through our heads when we face one of love's cruelest enemies. Not only does it suck, but it leaves us evaluating ourselves, asking our friends for reassurance, and sometimes it can even lower our self esteem. No matter how much we try to avoid it, at some point in our lives rejection finds us. Whether you've dealt with it one time or twenty, it still hurts and can really change your perception of falling in love. For one to understand how to fix the situation, the question isn't what's wrong with me? it''s what am I doing wrong?

They said they aren't that attracted to you
So they tell you "You're ugly and I don't see this working out" Okay maybe they didn't say it in that exact context, but no matter how polite one can put it no one wants to feel unattractive. To cope from this, we have to remember there is someone out there for everybody, but that do…

Facebook Type Cast

We're all guilty of it, but some of us go from telling their friends what's on their mind to completely making an itinerary of their life. When do status updates go from informative to completely annoying?

The "To Do" Lister: From the start of their day till the end, this person makes sure to tell you in great detail! their daily plans. If you have friends that on a regular basis post updates like "going to the store, then getting my car washed, then having a turkey sandwich for lunch, breath, oh and work 4-9" then they definitely fit in this category. Not only is this dangerous because your telling strangers where you'll be all day, but who really cares that you have a dentist appointment.

The Boyfriend Reminder-er: Friends in this category are similar to the to do listers, but the only difference is they also have to emphasis their boyfriend in the process. Updates like "Movies with the boyfriend,going to the shore with the boyfriend, with the b…

The Boy is Mine

I think Gretchen Wilson sang it best when it comes to that one girl who doesn't seem to get the memo that your boyfriend is taken. "She devils", "Maneaters", "homewreckers" however you address them, we have all dealt with it. The mystery is how do you handle this situation?

There are at least 4 places girls like this strike.

In School: She uses him as an excuses to be her study partner, walks the long way to class just to "say hi" and uses him as her main focus when performing at the school talent show

At Work:He's the first person she goes to when something heavy needs to be lifted or when the computer miraculously freezes, Schedules her lunch breaks around his, and is interested in his weekend plans during casual conversation.

At a party: Everyone's having a good time till she's had a few drinks from a long beer pong tournament. She's all over your man and suggest he take her out on the dance floor for an innocent good time…

The Girls Guide to Sports

How is it that what felt like over night, almost every guy in America now spends about 65% of their time pumping themselves up for games such as baseball down to even the PGA Tour. If your the type of girl who respects sports, but has no idea or interest when watching a game then this blog is for you.

If you find yourself annoyed when every other status on facebook is about an upcoming game or a players stupidity on the field then you probably also find yourself wanting to run for the hills just to scream for little a relief. But what if you can't escape it? What if that amazing guy you meet is indeed an ultimate sports fan? Not one game has he missed and God forbid you use Harry Kalas's name in vein. You don't want to insult him by not being able to follow his conversation of last nights amazing turn out, and you defiantly don't want to be bored each time the two of you are on the couch during sports center; so the best thing you can do is actually try to learn somet…

The EX Factor

When Your feelings go from "We're just friends" to "I miss what we had"

You've been spending a lot of time with your ex and are enjoying the time you spend together that's when it happens; those feelings you used to have start coming back, all of sudden you're nervous when you're around them, you think a simple text saying "What are you up to?" hides more between the lines, and like word vomit, you find excuses to go down memory lane. So what do you do?

Backtrack : First think about why you two broke up in the first place. If it was for reasons of infidelity then getting back together probably shouldn't be an option. If the relationship ended for reasons of it being bad timing, first ask yourself if enough time has past yet to start over

Focus: Now that your ex has invested about 75% of time in your mind, try not to make him your main priority. Do your best to keep busy and focus on yourself in between the time you get to spend …

Treding Topic


We all have our sources that we go to for all things celebrity. Whether it's US Weekly,Perez Hilton or Entertainment Tonight, America has a hunger for what's happening now in Hollywood.One person to defiantly add to your list is Youtube blogger Alonzo Lerone. Known for his witty and informative reviews on the latest music videos and entertainment specials,Alonzo or "zo-zo" by his fans is there to tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly of what's hot today.No one else backs up their opinions with clear reference to support their statements. Alonzo's soft spoken reviews enlightens his audience as well as leaving us in tears laughing from his brutally honest humor. It only took one video to be absolutely hooked I strongly suggest you subscribe!!

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*I do not own the video or image seen on this blurb*

Movie Review


After dealing with two years of J.lo withdraw,many of us were excited if not ecstatic to see her comeback to star in what would be the most appropriate film of her career,considering she is now a full time mom and wife to singer Marc Anthony. Her new film The Back-Up Plan takes place in New York City were Zoe (Lopez) decides to be artificially inseminated due to her failed attempts of finding Mr. Right. With no time to waste; Zoe decides to take matters into her own hands to start the family she has always wanted. However, like life, it's always full of surprises. One being Stan ( Alex O'Loughlin) who she soon meets to find he is exactly what she is looking for. Now Zoe must find a way to juggle both the man of her dreams and the expected yet unexpected surprise of a baby.

Honestly, I have always found a strong interest for all of Jennifer Lopez's movies regardless of film ratings only for the fact that I am a die hard J.lo fanatic. And from observi…

So You Broke Up....

I bet when you woke up that day you didn't see this coming, and for a split second the morning after, you actually thought you dreamt it, As much as breakups are suppose to guide us and make us stronger for the more important relationships in our life, they still suck. To go from not being able to see yourself with another person to feeling betrayed and confused at the same time.

Sometimes I feel like I know better then anyone what it feels like after you broke up with someone. So much to the point that I know every stage I am going to hit

1. First I feel overwhelmed of what just happened
2. For about a good hour I feel better about the situation and optimistic
3. Then begin to ball like i'm at a Justin Beiber Concert when my friends attempt to sell me every cliche quote they can think off starting with "his loss" and ending with "Everything happens for a reason"

No matter how many times you've been dumped or been the dumper, sometimes it can still be …

The Rules of Dating

I got the idea of writing this article after seeing countless facebook status' of girls and sometimes guys confused of what they're doing wrong in this whole "dating world" so it got me to going back of my own experiences and finding some form of logic in this confusing situation.

Okay so here is how dating works. Well at least a portion of it. I personally started "dating" when I was 18 but it was only until I was 20 that I realized I never actually dated. Normally I'd met a guy and the vibes are really good and after hanging out once we'd make it officially in about 3 days but when you get older that's when you have to start following all these silly rules.

So you meet someone, you go on a date, and if you already spent the whole week texting before the date your just kinda doing commentary on the stuff you talked about and some other stuff just to get to know each other things go well and that's when you have to follow that stupid rule to n…