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So You've Fallen Off Cloud Nine.....

When a relationship is new, for those first few months everything feels like you’re on some kind of love trip. You can’t go a day without being away from them, you’re always thinking about your future with that person, and you use any chance you can get to talk about them, even if it’s not relevant to the conversation. However, when those tingles fade and the butterflies slowly drift there is no doubt that you are now evolving out of the “honeymoon phase”.

Early signs

1. Calls/texts less messing up usual routine

2. Gives one word answers

3. Becomes busier = spending less time together

4. Hot one day Cold the next

5. Refrains from saying I love you often

6. Isn’t as “cute” or “romantic” anymore

Sometimes new couples will relate to some of these signs while others are checking yes to all of them. If things are slightly out of routine, most likely the relationship is not doomed, but if it feels like he woke up one day and had a full brain aneurysm, then things probably were set to be doo…

Welcome to the Strip!!

In the past few months Vegas has recently become a major hot spot! Not only is Vegas one of the most exciting and crazy places to go on vacation, it can also be one of the most expensive. Between eating out, going to shows and exhibits, shopping, casinos, and just traveling down the strip you could find yourself spending a small fortune. Based on my recent experience in Vegas here are my top 5 tips to surviving a trip in sin city

1. Dining Out: Stay away from hotel restaurants a lot of people will tell you to save money and just use the buffets available at most of the hotels as good as that sounds considering it is avaible to you all day it can add up considering you're spending about $35 a day. There are actually cheaper places to eat that will leave more money in your pocket.

a. Denny's: Not only have you heard of it but you know it's not expensive just keep in mind if you want to go there for breakfast I would suggest as early as possible after 9am the lines are extremel…