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Facebook Type Cast

We're all guilty of it, but some of us go from telling their friends what's on their mind to completely making an itinerary of their life. When do status updates go from informative to completely annoying?

The "To Do" Lister: From the start of their day till the end, this person makes sure to tell you in great detail! their daily plans. If you have friends that on a regular basis post updates like "going to the store, then getting my car washed, then having a turkey sandwich for lunch, breath, oh and work 4-9" then they definitely fit in this category. Not only is this dangerous because your telling strangers where you'll be all day, but who really cares that you have a dentist appointment.

The Boyfriend Reminder-er: Friends in this category are similar to the to do listers, but the only difference is they also have to emphasis their boyfriend in the process. Updates like "Movies with the boyfriend,going to the shore with the boyfriend, with the b…

The Boy is Mine

I think Gretchen Wilson sang it best when it comes to that one girl who doesn't seem to get the memo that your boyfriend is taken. "She devils", "Maneaters", "homewreckers" however you address them, we have all dealt with it. The mystery is how do you handle this situation?

There are at least 4 places girls like this strike.

In School: She uses him as an excuses to be her study partner, walks the long way to class just to "say hi" and uses him as her main focus when performing at the school talent show

At Work:He's the first person she goes to when something heavy needs to be lifted or when the computer miraculously freezes, Schedules her lunch breaks around his, and is interested in his weekend plans during casual conversation.

At a party: Everyone's having a good time till she's had a few drinks from a long beer pong tournament. She's all over your man and suggest he take her out on the dance floor for an innocent good time…