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B*TCH! Stole My Man!

It happens all the time, which is why so many chick flicks and vh1 reality shows are built around it. Your once boyfriend is now head over heels for another girl, and your first instinct is to claw her eyes out. When do we reach the point of harmless jealous to total insanity?

He Dumped You:

In many cases, breakups come completely out of nowhere which hurt the most when you assumed things were fine. Whether it was immediately or after some time has passed he's moved on and you're killing yourself trying to understand why her and not you! If you only dated for a month or for as long as 3 years, this situation can take some time to get over.

You Dumped Him

For whatever reason, you felt it was time to go your separate ways until the day you find how much of a different person he seems with the new girl in his life causing you to rethink the mistake you made.

Ex Meets Next

Either you're at a party,random run in at the supermarket, or your basic cyber stalking the two of you …

When You Shouldn't Give Advice

We have all been in a situation where deep down we know the answer to a problem, but need a second opinion. That's when our friends or associates come in handy. We hope they give us an answer we want to hear or calm us by showing we are not alone and that it happens all the time. However, one may find themselves running to individuals who should never give people advice.

There are 3 types of people you should avoid taking advice from

1. The Cliche Console-r: This Person would be best for starting a fortune cookie company rather than giving you advice. They pretty much absorbed every line they've heard from movies, song lyrics, and chick flicks. When all of there words of wisdom sounds more like a twitter status don't bother contemplating on what they are telling you. Though there may be some truth to the cheesy phrase they just told you, you're not even listening, you want someone who is more personable than cliche.

2. The Self Involved "Listener": Emphasis …