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Moving In Together! Your Perception VS. Reality's (7 Helpful Tips!)

There comes a time in many relationships when you reach the period of whether or not it's time to move in together. Just like any new step  in a relationship, it can have its' set of problems. Once a couple decides to share the same living space they are entering a whole new relationship. Not only will you see a completely different side of  each other, overall you're starting from scratch. You've already mastered being a couple while apart now you have to master how to be a couple when for 75% of your time you two will be together. With what may sound like an easy target you may find yourself rethinking the relationship.  In order to make this a smooth transition there are a few things to keep in mind.

The Ideal Positive vs. The Reality

1. Ideally: Sex Anytime/ Anywhere!
Reality: No Longer the Forth of July

Reason: Generally most people will think that once you move in with your significant other you'll have more time to explore every sexual desire that the two of…