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The Smart Way to Holiday Shop

The Holidays can either be a happy time or a stressful time. The good news is, you no longer have to find yourself spending way too much during the holidays or settling for gift cards this year. My step by step guide will help you learn how to budget yourself when shopping for your loved ones.

Step # 1 Set a Budget
Besides you're employer, you and only you know how much you make a month so set a reasonable budget of how much (total) you would like to spend this year.

Step #2 Make a list (& Check it Twice)

How will you know what you need to buy, if you don't know who you're buying gifts for?
If you're anything like me, and you love to give gifts, most likely you'll want to add as many people as possible to your shopping list, but if you're not making a high enough income you might want to scale down who is more important to you. Here is a small example list since everyone's family is different

Christmas List 2011

Budget $500

1. Mom
2. Dad
3. Gran…

My Pick of the Month! (Andy Grammer)

Better known for his debut hit "Keep Your Head Up" which has been shown on programs such as VH1's Pop Up Video and featured in TV spots for the movie Dolphin Tale, Andy has already won the hearts of many music lovers addicted to the feeling they get when an upbeat, catchy song just speaks to them in every way possible. 
To evaluate the equation of  Andy Grammer's style of music, I would have to say it's the easy going vibe of Jason Mraz mixed with the sexy, soulful sound of Maroon 5 topped with a heavy dash of the Hip Hop/R&B flavor of Maxwell. After five seconds of hearing his music, you're automatically brought back to a simpler time when music wasn't auto tuned, but produced with depth and meaning to each and every lyric.
Already inspired to pursue his music career, Andy moved from New York to Los Angeles at the age of 20. After a few years of small gigs, low income and street performances on the 3rd street promenade, Andy writes "Keep Your…

Close Encounters of the Digital Kind

So, you just joined a dating site, and while browsing, you discover your ex is looking for love as well. Before these sites we only had to worry about running into our ex with their new lover, now we face the drama of seeing them go on a quest for their next "victim". Because dating websites like Plenty of Fish, Zoosk, and are becoming so popular the odds of running into an ex or two is becoming more likely. The question is, how do you deal?

Scenario #1 Your Ex of 3 Years Encouter

This person has the most history with you and still holds a place in your heart. Since you were together for a long period of time, coping hasn't been the easiest for you. However, you feel good to be taking the first step and moving on with your life. That's when it happens. After a moment or two of browsing, you run into the last person you want to see on dating site. Although he has just as much of a right as you do to have an account it's still unsettling to virtually wat…

Think Like A Psychic Detective

Okay so anyone would be psychic if everything that could potentially be a clue lite up at the scene of the crime. But that doesn't mean you can't posses psychic like powers. Basically you have to learn to be more observant when guy hunting.

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Basically you have a short amount of time to get a good look at this person without appearing to be creepy. In order to do this you have to hit the 5 focal points. 

Focal point # 1

Appearance: Is his style put together or just plain sloppy? Keep in mind that even if it isn't the best doesn't mean they are a bum they could have just came from the gym which says they care about their physical health.

Focal Point # 2

His ring finger. Try to get a glance at his left hand for a ring that will tell you then and there if he is single. If no ring still check to see if he is fidgeting with where a wedding band should be. This may indicate infidelity or a past marriage. Playing with the ring finger indicates …

Feng Shui Your Love Life

I don't know about you, but for me fall seems more like the time of resolutions rather than when they are normally made in January. I feel this is the perfect season to "start over" and just enough time to be ready for what's in store. Since the holidays are coming up such as, Thanksgiving,Christmas and every single girl's favorite Valentines Day, one can use this time to clear out the bad Karma or negative energy that has been causing situations to fail. While gathering research for a new blog, I came across one that was about feng shui. Basically they used the same idea, but applied it to one's love life. Have you ever noticed how refreshed and open minded you feel once you've finally cleared out your closet or picked up everything off your floor? You can get the same feeling when it comes to clearing out the "clutter" in your love life.

Are you still hoarding old keep sakes from past relationships? Ticket stubs? Teddy Bears? O…

Moving In Together! Your Perception VS. Reality's (7 Helpful Tips!)

There comes a time in many relationships when you reach the period of whether or not it's time to move in together. Just like any new step  in a relationship, it can have its' set of problems. Once a couple decides to share the same living space they are entering a whole new relationship. Not only will you see a completely different side of  each other, overall you're starting from scratch. You've already mastered being a couple while apart now you have to master how to be a couple when for 75% of your time you two will be together. With what may sound like an easy target you may find yourself rethinking the relationship.  In order to make this a smooth transition there are a few things to keep in mind.

The Ideal Positive vs. The Reality

1. Ideally: Sex Anytime/ Anywhere!
Reality: No Longer the Forth of July

Reason: Generally most people will think that once you move in with your significant other you'll have more time to explore every sexual desire that the two of…

Why He Isn't Going to Delete You

Okay so it happens. You have a huge fight or basically called the whole thing quits. The next morning, heart deep in your stomach, you find yourself checking every 10 minutes whether or not you will see the "Add friend" logo next to their name. It's never a fun time when the person you used to get excited to see and spend time with slowly becomes the person that makes you unhappy 85% of the time. Because we live in the digital age, our lives have basically revolved around social networking. Whether it's to find the perfect match, share what we are doing this weekend or staying updated in local news, the Internet plays a huge part in our lives. So much that no relationship is official until it gets the facebook stamp of approval and no relationship is officially over until one person makes the first move and erase their now ex lover. Some will take it one step further and block the other person. Maybe to mentally erase them from their life or prevent future stalking …

The "Ideal" Age

"When age is a little more than just a number"......

About four years ago, a friend of mine told me about this formula. A formula that is suppose to determine that youngest age a guy is "allowed" to date a female. To figure this out he would simply take his age,divide that by two then add seven . (Example: Male Age: 24/2=12+7=19.) 19 is the youngest age he is technically allowed to date or start a relationship with someone. Now after brief research this formula actually isn't all that unknown. Many men are actually using this to stay with in a reasonable ratio. However, does this necessarily mean that you are guaranteed a successful relationship by sticking with this mathematical means of true romance. The odds of an 100% guarantee is probably slim to none. Like we all know, everyone is different and age doesn't always determine one's maturity. Some 18 year olds can be as mature as a 25 year old while some 30 year olds fit right in with the toddlers. Pe…

So You've Fallen Off Cloud Nine.....

When a relationship is new, for those first few months everything feels like you’re on some kind of love trip. You can’t go a day without being away from them, you’re always thinking about your future with that person, and you use any chance you can get to talk about them, even if it’s not relevant to the conversation. However, when those tingles fade and the butterflies slowly drift there is no doubt that you are now evolving out of the “honeymoon phase”.

Early signs

1. Calls/texts less messing up usual routine

2. Gives one word answers

3. Becomes busier = spending less time together

4. Hot one day Cold the next

5. Refrains from saying I love you often

6. Isn’t as “cute” or “romantic” anymore

Sometimes new couples will relate to some of these signs while others are checking yes to all of them. If things are slightly out of routine, most likely the relationship is not doomed, but if it feels like he woke up one day and had a full brain aneurysm, then things probably were set to be doo…

Welcome to the Strip!!

In the past few months Vegas has recently become a major hot spot! Not only is Vegas one of the most exciting and crazy places to go on vacation, it can also be one of the most expensive. Between eating out, going to shows and exhibits, shopping, casinos, and just traveling down the strip you could find yourself spending a small fortune. Based on my recent experience in Vegas here are my top 5 tips to surviving a trip in sin city

1. Dining Out: Stay away from hotel restaurants a lot of people will tell you to save money and just use the buffets available at most of the hotels as good as that sounds considering it is avaible to you all day it can add up considering you're spending about $35 a day. There are actually cheaper places to eat that will leave more money in your pocket.

a. Denny's: Not only have you heard of it but you know it's not expensive just keep in mind if you want to go there for breakfast I would suggest as early as possible after 9am the lines are extremel…

This Just In!.....

As the American culture enters further into the areas of reality, and tabloid television, one may find themselves building a stronger curiosity of a particular celebrity especially when it concerns their personal life. If not all, most of us are guilty for having some kind of interest in one’s favorite or most talked about celebrity. Whether it is their dating life, legal battle, or a life crisis the general public has developed a strong interest of the private lives of the Hollywood society. The question now is whether or not we have a right to have an interest in their lives.

Generally, a primary question would be to ask one self that if the personal lives of a celebrity is so important to be held private, why hasn’t anything been done in the past ten years to prevent bad PR? Thus leading us to the age old phrase “All publicity is good publicity”. For example, there have been countless occasions of feud battles between two celebrities. In a recent article, music mix news discussed…

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better!

I talked about this kind of person before in my 7 deadliest friends blog, but I wanted to bring more attention to the girl who needs all of the attention. If you’re in a situation where you have to deal with someone who constantly steals the spotlight it’s no question how annoying and down right a pain in the ass it can become when she’s practically your shadow. You see a cute top at you’re favorite store she buys one too, you’ve been a fan of an indie band for years, you know every song, and enjoyed every concert until one night you see her moshing in a gift shop t-shirt she just bought 10 minutes ago . You post a funny video you found on youtube to see not only has she posted it too, she’s even gotten more comments.

Now supposedly imitation is supposed to be the highest form of flattery. We’ve even recently seen this in Hollywood with the much talked about debate between Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim. In reality, you should feel special that she thinks so highly of you that she has to cop…

When You Want to Tell Your Boss.....

You want a raise Asking for money is never easy, especially in the workplace. No one wants to feel like they don't appreciate what they are given now, but at the same time if you find yourself struggling to pay this months car payment and can barely make enough to save or that you have worked there long enough to where you feel you deserve a pay increase then yes! You should bring this to their attention immediately. How? Don't be brash about your approach simply (which may feel easier said than done) address your feelings of why you think you deserve an increase in your salary. Let them know your situation without feeling like you are trying to win them over by playing the sympathy card. Also, remind your boss what you bring to the table every day at work. Are you always on time? Are you what they refer to as a "team player?". By showing your boss that you aren't just randomly asking for money and have reason to back up your request, they might find more reas…