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Why He Isn't Going to Delete You

Okay so it happens. You have a huge fight or basically called the whole thing quits. The next morning, heart deep in your stomach, you find yourself checking every 10 minutes whether or not you will see the "Add friend" logo next to their name. It's never a fun time when the person you used to get excited to see and spend time with slowly becomes the person that makes you unhappy 85% of the time. Because we live in the digital age, our lives have basically revolved around social networking. Whether it's to find the perfect match, share what we are doing this weekend or staying updated in local news, the Internet plays a huge part in our lives. So much that no relationship is official until it gets the facebook stamp of approval and no relationship is officially over until one person makes the first move and erase their now ex lover. Some will take it one step further and block the other person. Maybe to mentally erase them from their life or prevent future stalking when going back into the dating world. To some the first reaction is to just be cut throat and erase them, but some may feel that can also mess up the chances of friending them in the future once a little time passes. As in a one friend request per person deal "no backsies". Now you find yourself in a ticking time bomb waiting for them to unfriend you or pressuring yourself to move on so while you two are friends you can make him jealous by tagging all your dates and posting pics of the new guy you're seeing.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but this sounds like a lot of energy being put in for a guy who most likely could care less that you're still on his friends list. The reason he hasn't deleted you is...He just doesn't care as much as you do. It doesn't mean the same to him as it does to you to digitally break all ties. The physical break up was enough. Yea most likely he'll no longer be listed as in a relationship but he's probably not going to get the same twisted satisfaction by killing you off via facebook even if he actually does erase you. Will he spy on your wall from time to time? Most likely, guys get jealous too and sometimes a little nosey,but chances are he isn't going to go out of his way and make some kind of political statement by erasing you. Either save yourself the agony and erase him or just deal with it.


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