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The "Ideal" Age

"When age is a little more than just a number"......

About four years ago, a friend of mine told me about this formula. A formula that is suppose to determine that youngest age a guy is "allowed" to date a female. To figure this out he would simply take his age,divide that by two then add seven . (Example: Male Age: 24/2=12+7=19.) 19 is the youngest age he is technically allowed to date or start a relationship with someone. Now after brief research this formula actually isn't all that unknown. Many men are actually using this to stay with in a reasonable ratio. However, does this necessarily mean that you are guaranteed a successful relationship by sticking with this mathematical means of true romance. The odds of an 100% guarantee is probably slim to none. Like we all know, everyone is different and age doesn't always determine one's maturity. Some 18 year olds can be as mature as a 25 year old while some 30 year olds fit right in with the toddlers. Personally I feel the formula is to help relieve the "ick" factor when dating someone older/younger than you.

It can be a bit challenging especially for a girl when the guy you're head over heels with looks old enough to be your dad or the girl you think could be the mother of your children one day is fighting to convince her parents that you're not some pedophile that they swear they saw on last week's dateline. This formula also gives you the luxury of  dating someone older or younger but with in reason. Unfortunately what this formula doesn't provide is the satisfaction that you wont ever deal with the "we're at two different places in our lives" conversation. Meaning while he's able to bar hop and has just moved out of his parents house you're still figuring out what major you should be. Overall, as a girl there is nothing wrong with dating an older guy especially since women mature faster than men anyway. But you also have to consider the obvious. Does he want the same things i want? Am i ready for the things he is ready for? Do i know enough about myself to make this long term? Does my family and friends support our relationship? If you answered no to all or most of these questions then may you need to find the right age bracket for you.


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