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The Reality of Customer Service

For anyone who has ever worked in customer service, most will agree that your initial perception of people will change and it will change fast. You can easily go from being an outgoing people person to wishing you lived alone in the hills of Yemen
 I have worked in customer service for over six years and while I've enjoyed a lot about the jobs I've had, it has really tested my patience when it came to servicing different types of people.

Types of customer service workers 

-Front Desk Associate
-Call Representative

Whether your trying to explain that the back room is not the size of the staples center, or getting yelled at because a 35 year old man didn't read a contract he signed two years ago. The stress can make one wonder if it's even worth making below the poverty line to deal with all of this. 

Not only are their different types of workers in customer service, there are different types of customers.

Through the years, I've narrowed them …

How to Critique a Movie (The Right Way)

Every year, cinema graces us with a selection of movies that make us laugh, cry, or annoyed that our boyfriend doesn't sparkle in the sunlight. This blog is more of pet peeve of mine since I love movies. One of the most annoying things I hate is when people are so quick to say why a movie is bad, but they don't have good reason to back it up. While there are some bad movies out there, I personally think it's paramount that one look at all aspects of a movie before judging it.

Have an open mindDon't let your personal feelings for one actor dictate why you don't like the movie Think about everything that goes into a movie i.e. Direction, Costumes, Set design, CGI, Soundtrack Have your own opinion- if you're already hearing bad reviews from the three people that count as "everybody" don't let that decide for you that it's horrible. Decide for yourself You try it! - Find a scene online from the movie and act it out yourself, post it on YouTube and…

How to Survive a Job you Hate

Not always do we instantly land the job of our dreams. Sometimes we have to do a little grunt work until we make it into the executive world or a least a world that doesn't feel like an episode of Roots. Most likely when you started your job things weren't that bad, until one day you found yourself struggling to even get out of bed in the morning. What makes a job go from exciting and bearable to just plain excruciating?
First of all, it's important to realize that you have a job not a career which means this position probably isn't something you plan on doing for the rest of your life, but for now it gets you  by. If you don't plan on having a career (which is perfectly fine) you probably would still like to have a job you can enjoy coming to each day.
How to make the best of the job you have
1. Weigh out the pros and cons: Ask yourself questions such as..  Does it pay my bills? How much has this job taught me? What can I do or benefit at this job that I couldn…

5 Reasons Why Facebook is Evil!

Competition: Celebrities have coined a new trend where it's cool to give fans an idea of what their life is like on a daily basis. However, as great as it would be to imagine living such a posh and lavish lifestyle, many people are finding themselves posting as if they've just become the 8th Kardashian. How many times have you seen one "friend" post something to later see another post something similar, but with more pizazz to it? Jealousy&Resentment: Not only do you find yourself competing against each other, you now find yourself jealous of people you barely know. "Why does Brittany have a new GMC Denali and not me?" "What does my ex's new girlfriend have that I don't? It's the typical case of the grass being greener on the other side. The more time one spends on Facebook the more they start to compare everything to what other people are doing thus resenting the things in their own life. Curiosity comes into play here as well. Cyberst…

The (Not So) Established Gentleman

For some people, dating doesn't always end at the time they'd like to. Many of us don't meet that special someone until their late 20's 30's or even 40's. While one may not get it right every time, they're still taking the necessary steps to figure out what they want as well as avoiding the possibility of settling for someone out of emotional exhaustion. You, probably consider yourself to be a smart person, you're independent, responsible, you don't see the world as black and white and you're always willing to go that extra mile.
Not only have you had many experiences in dating, you most likely feel like you have dated every type of guy their is. That's when you  meet "him" you're real life George Clooney, Mr.Big and guy you love in all of those Polo commercials. He's suave distinguished and seems like he has it all together. Metting him has allowed you to come to the place in your life where you've grown tired of cha…

The REAL Truth About Guys

For some people, dating and relationships come pretty easy. For others, it takes a while to get the hang of things. For me, that was the exact curveball life threw me five years ago. If I could talk to the previous me in 2008 today also known as, "the last year of bliss before it all seemed to go down hill", there would be so many things i'd warn myself. Especially since I saw life like a Nicholas Sparks Novel. Luckily, instead of developing insanity for half a decade I eventually discovered all of the "hidden" things i already knew about guys. The REAL Truth...
Keep it simple: (most) men are simple as in they don't analyze everything the way women do Never cut the chase short by showing too much interest, for he will show less ( Men are hunters, which means you need him to like you a little more than you like him) Never assume that every guy is the exception to the rule Every man loves a woman who cares enough to show her domestic side, but make sure he is g…

Why Men Avoid Drama Better Than Woman

REASON #1 (They're less emotional about the situation) Biologically woman are "programed" to be more emotional. Considering we are the life givers woman  have more maternal instincts about things. Men on the other hand are more logical and don't always take things personal. When there is drama they pick and chose their battles (not always intelligently) but for the most part they know which are worth fighting for.           REASON #2  (They don't hold grudges) God forbid a best friend, boyfriend or random citizen pisses a woman off most likely she wants them to really feel sorry for the actions they've done. How many times have you seen a girl post one of those "look for the hidden meaning" status' on facebook? How many times has a guy ignored you after something silly? Like woman, men are forgiving, however they understand that sh*t happens, and are over the situation a lot faster. Even if they are upset with a friend they most likely are go…