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How to Critique a Movie (The Right Way)

Every year, cinema graces us with a selection of movies that make us laugh, cry, or annoyed that our boyfriend doesn't sparkle in the sunlight. This blog is more of pet peeve of mine since I love movies. One of the most annoying things I hate is when people are so quick to say why a movie is bad, but they don't have good reason to back it up. While there are some bad movies out there, I personally think it's paramount that one look at all aspects of a movie before judging it.

  1. Have an open mind
  2. Don't let your personal feelings for one actor dictate why you don't like the movie 
  3. Think about everything that goes into a movie i.e. Direction, Costumes, Set design, CGI, Soundtrack 
  4. Have your own opinion- if you're already hearing bad reviews from the three people that count as "everybody" don't let that decide for you that it's horrible. Decide for yourself 
  5. You try it! - Find a scene online from the movie and act it out yourself, post it on YouTube and see if you can do better 
  6. Understand that movies are an actor's "9-5". Many actors can't afford to turn down roles 
  7. Understand that actors don't see a trailer before they film the movie, they are given a script or sometimes just a pitch- The Hangover had to have looked ridiculous on paper 
  8. Don't ruin it for someone else who liked it- agree to disagree 
  9. Do your research.-Not all movies are meant to be serious, indie movies are more abstract while Rom-coms are more of an escape from reality. If movies were an exact translation of real life, no one would really enjoy them.   
  10. Come to realize that you are not the person who concludes that a movie is horrible. We all like different things. That's why films come in all different genres. What may be bad to you may be interesting to somebody else. It doesn't mean they necessarily have bad taste.  
BONUS! Read the Book! if you didn't like the movie see if it was based on a book you may find you enjoyed that better. 


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