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Close Encounters of the Digital Kind

So, you just joined a dating site, and while browsing, you discover your ex is looking for love as well. Before these sites we only had to worry about running into our ex with their new lover, now we face the drama of seeing them go on a quest for their next "victim". Because dating websites like Plenty of Fish, Zoosk, and are becoming so popular the odds of running into an ex or two is becoming more likely. The question is, how do you deal?

Scenario #1 Your Ex of 3 Years Encouter

This person has the most history with you and still holds a place in your heart. Since you were together for a long period of time, coping hasn't been the easiest for you. However, you feel good to be taking the first step and moving on with your life. That's when it happens. After a moment or two of browsing, you run into the last person you want to see on dating site. Although he has just as much of a right as you do to have an account it's still unsettling to virtually wat…