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Everybody's Doing It

This blog is a little different from my normal blogs because it's more personal. There always comes that time in our life when we feel pressured to do something we're not ready to do, or don't want to do at all. Whether it's having sex, doing drugs, or drinking, there are going to be people in our lives that just don't understand our choice to say "NO!".

My recent birthday of 21 years of age brought a small frenzy of friends and associates that were eager to take me out to the local bar. When they asked what my new experience was like they soon became confused after finding out I have still yet to cross this so called "right of passage". "Why?" is a basic yet popular question I get frequently, along with the sound of annoyance in their voices when they hear that I am not quite ready yet.

For so long I was once respected for coming this far now that I am 21 I am ridiculed. But it wasn't like I didn't know this day was coming. …