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So You're Dating This Guy And.....

Why does it seem that no matter how many times we date we can never seem to get things right? Is it us or are we both to blame? This next blog expresses my thoughts on the misscommunications on men and women. Is it really them or are we not listening.

If your at the point where your a click away from creating an eharmony profile then your probably done with the bull sh** and looking for something serious and long term.

But you still have some will power in you to stay positive, and just let things happen on its own. Thats when it does happen, you've met the perfect guy, and after a couple dates he is showing major signs that he is into you. This totally boosts your confidence which maybe gives you the idea to do a little spring cleaning to your contact list of old rebound dates.

Thats when it happens they reveal their feelings. If most men do not know already revealing your feelings to a girl is major because that's what they do not expect a typical guy to do, especially so so…

Its Not Just a Girl Thing

When his jealousy is a bit too much to handle how can one deal? Advice on controlling his b**ch fits

Scenario one (Your Facebook Page): If you find that your defending yourself every time he questions a pic you took with your second cousin , down to a song that makes him so vein he probably thinks its about him jealousy is clearly up his ally.

Scenario Two ("The beep") When we all have discovered that little beep when calling someone that indicates they're on the other line that can sometimes be a bad advantage. Your phone beeps indicating you have another call you realize its him calling you. You answer to only find that he rather nag about who you were talking to.

Scenario Three (Your clothing) As much as some of us don't want to admit deep down part of the reason we dress nice just to go grocery shopping is to maybe catch a grin from the hottie in the frozen food section. Other than that its just a simple way to add a little confidence to our daily routine. …

Baby Fever

For a while the subject of kids has been a HUGE part of my life whether its the topic of raising a child, young single parents, child custody, working with kids,Step Parenting, and when kids visit your home thats not so much a "kid friendly" environment. I myself work in child care and learn a lot from the experience. Once you grow up you forget how simple your thinking use to be how ordinary things could entertain you for hours and random conversations about ur new pink toothbrush and how yummy count chocula is. Its so easy to think about how many kids you want and how perfect its gonna be till you actually are around kids a few hours a week. I still have a love for children but am now thinking about the important things that really go into child care rather than the fantasy of just buying things for them and playing with them I think the only way in life to truely have respect for something is to try it out.

when i worked in retail many people had a low appreciation for th…

She's just not that RIGHT for you

The Good the Bad and the Ugly Truth about Finding the Right Girl!
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After a long while of hearing friends and coleagues complaining of how to find the right girl I have decided to take the time to answer the question that festers in a guy's mind everyday. "How can I get a nice girl?" what seems like the most impossible thing to get its actually quit simple. Most guys choose the type of girl there are with merly just on apperence or that she is so close to your house that she is an easy booty call. However after awhile the fun stops when you actually want something real. So hear it is your chance to say no to the statistics and yes to the girl next door.

First of all before you even read this article it is important that your actually ready for a serious relationship the only way to get what you want is for you to be mentally ready too and mature of ur decisons.

Lets take some time to way out the…