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Baby Fever

For a while the subject of kids has been a HUGE part of my life whether its the topic of raising a child, young single parents, child custody, working with kids,Step Parenting, and when kids visit your home thats not so much a "kid friendly" environment. I myself work in child care and learn a lot from the experience. Once you grow up you forget how simple your thinking use to be how ordinary things could entertain you for hours and random conversations about ur new pink toothbrush and how yummy count chocula is. Its so easy to think about how many kids you want and how perfect its gonna be till you actually are around kids a few hours a week. I still have a love for children but am now thinking about the important things that really go into child care rather than the fantasy of just buying things for them and playing with them I think the only way in life to truely have respect for something is to try it out.

when i worked in retail many people had a low appreciation for the hardwork we did everyday. Hello! the merchandise did not magically get on the shelf and the department did not magically clean up itself after you just trashed it looking for the new DC Universe action figure. I always felt that it should be a law that every us citizen should work atleast 6 months in retail in order to respect sales associates, cashiers, and janitors. Now i think the same law should be for child care no plastic doll or egg they give you high school really shows the understanding of what it takes to take care of a child. This may actually reduce the amount of teenage pregnacys and prepare young married couples when taking that next step into their relationship. I can honestly say i am taking much more responsibility into researching how much goes into raising a child while dealing with some experience by working in child care because everyday i am with them they teach me another lesson.


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