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Its Not Just a Girl Thing

When his jealousy is a bit too much to handle how can one deal? Advice on controlling his b**ch fits

Scenario one (Your Facebook Page): If you find that your defending yourself every time he questions a pic you took with your second cousin , down to a song that makes him so vein he probably thinks its about him jealousy is clearly up his ally.

Scenario Two ("The beep") When we all have discovered that little beep when calling someone that indicates they're on the other line that can sometimes be a bad advantage. Your phone beeps indicating you have another call you realize its him calling you. You answer to only find that he rather nag about who you were talking to.

Scenario Three (Your clothing) As much as some of us don't want to admit deep down part of the reason we dress nice just to go grocery shopping is to maybe catch a grin from the hottie in the frozen food section. Other than that its just a simple way to add a little confidence to our daily routine. A girls gotta feel good about herself right? But your significant other can instantly ruin that with just one..."Your wearing that to work?" Having to censor your wardrobe just because he is worried you might attract the guy who he thought was checking you out at last years Christmas party, is not what you had in mind.

Scenario Four (Extreme Paranoia) You decide to take a little time out for yourself with the girls catch a movie grab a drink or two sounds like a fun night out but unfortunately for you, your constantly checking your phone to tell your boyfriend yet again that you are not with your ex who he "secretly" has been intimidated by.


Sometime jealousy in a man can be a little attractive but when things just get way out of hand then you can thank the women in his past. Most cases he is paranoid of infidelity, because the things that has happened to him in past relationships. Like some women who have been mistreated and cheated on, it can be hard to shake off trust issues. So who ever broke his heart must of made sure it was hard to put the pieces back together.

How to Solve It
The only thing you can really do is be honest first you, yourself have to do nothing to make yourself seem guilty. Little by little reassure him that you only have eyes for him. A little attention now and then can go a long way. Also be the bigger person, if you suspect something on him calmly address the problem before lashing out, to set an example of what he should do. Talk to him, let him know you understand his trust issues, but he can breath a little easier knowing you would never do anything to hurt him. If you don't do anything to make yourself questionable than let him explore your life a bit, once he sees theres nothing to find he'll loosen up a bit.


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