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How To: Go To a Concert Alone

One of the most popular things people like to do for fun, is attend a concert of their favorite artist. Whether it's a small show, local  band, or three day festival, live shows can be a very exciting experience. However, there may come a time where you might have to make a decision to attend it alone or not go at all. I love music, and there's no secret about that among my friends and family. Since I attended my first concert three years ago, I've been bitten by the concert bug, and will make a effort to attend any event with my favorite artist.

My new obsession is actually my pick of the month last November singer songwriter Andy Grammer. While i had already attended his headlining tour this past February, he was still on tour and is now opening for the band Train in Atlantic City. Unfortunately for me, I was stood up last minute and had to attend the event alone. (Dating Tip#43 Doing the "Friend Thing" with your ex doesn't guarantee a loyal friend..use caution)

Since the tickets had already been paid for and I wasn't going to sell my ticket for someone else to enjoy a show i've been waiting months to see, I figured it may be a good thing to go alone and that maybe i'd meet someone. After all, Pat Monahan, (lead singer of Train) met his wife at a concert!

The Big Day!

Nervous yet very optimistic I went to the concert with a lot of enthusiasm. I arrived there about a half hour early. Standing in the "pit" area of the concert hall. It only took about 5 minutes for things to get awkward. I felt like there was a spotlight on me and the announcer is saying "Attention ladies and gentleman please bring your attention to this young lady who is alone, that's right ALONE at a concert UNO, SINGLE, ALL BY HERSELF!" I tried the old text who ever you can to keep occupied trick but after running out my battery I realized i just had to suck it up and make the best of this time. Looking around me, I didn't see one person by themselves. while there weren't too many people near me when I first arrived, I found myself being pushed farther out by older couples or being stuck in between a husband and wife holding each other like they were in a Nicholas Spark's Movie. If I wasn't already uncomfortable to begin with, they had just uped the anty.

Finally the show began, and there was Andy bursting onstage with that gorgeous smile of his and wonderful tone of voice. I wasn't just going to stand there and waste the money I spent to see him perform. I imagined it was just me there and tuned everyone around me out I felt somewhat special since a lot of people didn't know exactly who he was and since I had gone to his headlining show I knew certain cues he likes to use to get the audience involved. Happy he played six songs so it didn't feel like wasted money, I left after his set. An older couple asked me who the artist was. I guess it was obvious i was a huge fan ( Most likely the Bright Red Andy Grammer T-shirt was a small clue). There was another artist performing after him so i would have been waiting even longer to see Train I figured I was just going to hear one or two songs and then leave but I felt way to uncomfortable to stay so I left. On the plus side, I decided to tweet about my experience and got a nice Retweet from Andy Grammer himself which made going alone even more worth it.

What I learned

I learned that regardless It wasn't all that bad to go alone and I probably would do it again but a little more differently These are my tips for attending a live concert.

1. Ask in advance and remind the person periodically of the event so they remeber
2. Try to get more people to go as insurance
3. Don't pay for their ticket even if you're inviting them there will be a better chance they won't bail on you  if they are investing their own money
4. If you wind up going alone or decide to go alone make sure you feel safe and a close friend or family member knows where you are. Don't be naive or oblivious to your surroundings!
5.Think of who the artist is and what group of people will attend. Example: The train concert had mostly older people between 28-35 as well as couples since it was held in Atlantic City. If going alone try to pick an event with more people your age to avoid feeling singled out and if going alone for the first time try a smaller event to start off 
6. Do a test run: Places like the a coffee house that has open mic night  or The Trocadera Theater in Philly holds more intimate concerts for less than $20 try going to one of these shows to see how you feel about it.
7. Move around (if you can) in between songs. The more you expose yourself to the group, the better chance you might run into people alone too than staying in the same spot all night.
8. Just have fun! You paid money for this and you're probably never going to see these people again so just rock out and enjoy yourself.

New Single and Music Video From Andy Grammer "Miss Me"

Funny enough the theme of this video is how I felt the entire concert


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