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Top 5 BULLSH@# Lies Men Tell Women

Lies Men Say While Dating
  1. LIE#1 "I'm not looking for anything serious right now" if said after being rejected this means "I'm not looking for anything serious WITH YOU" if said on the first couple of dates this means "I really just want a FWB relationship with you but don't want to say that" usually this tactic is for you to second guess your intentions and agree so you conform to his wants were you're convincing yourself he's making you more mellow instead of rushing into something
  2. LIE#2 "I'm not a phone person" or "Sorry I havn't gotten back to you i've just been really busy" if a guy pulls this line which may be true don't fall for it. I have plenty of friends who delay texts or never call making me question why i even pay for minutes, however if a guy really likes you and no one else that "i'm not a phone person" speech should be irrelevant because the last thing he wants is to push you away with his lazy phone habits. If he really is busy he's still going to make time for you if he really does like you no one is THAT busy and that STUPID enough to let his dream girl pass by.
  3. LIE#3 "I'm not inviting you over to sleep with you  I just thought we can talk or watch a movie" Once your ass hits that couch your done if its only been a couple dates deny deny deny this invitation
  4. LIE#4 "You deserve someone who can give you more time" translation you're too clingy for me we've only been on a couple dates
  5. LIE# 5 "I'm not a jealous person" if he really emphasies this point he's lieing plus everyone gets jealous and the fact that he had to make a point about it says i really am a jealous person.
Warning: Women do it too check out this link


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