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Top 5 Dating Myths

I'm not an expert on dating nor have a figured out the right way to date in order to get "The Guy",but I have come to learn that while there are some rules you should follow there are also some that don't garuntee anything in your favor.

Myth#1:  A Long Date or Extended Date Is A Sure Sign There Will Be A Second Date

Truth: I've been on plenty of first dates where dinner lasted over 3 hours or we do another activity causing me to be home after 10pm but don't base a great date on a for sure sign there will be 2nd date. He could a. only see you a great company putting you in the friend zone because there isn't enough to based a romantic relationship or b. You may not be the only one he's talking to. This is why i try to make it a mandatory option to make plans after the 1st date so you know then and there what your odds are.

Myth#2 "Future" References Means he likes you

Truth: Well it can be a half truth I personally  make future references because i've read it shows interest, but  he could easily change his mind once weighing out the entire date

Myth#3  Looking Well Put Together Will Turn Him On

Truth: Trying too hard will turn him off looking confident and keeping it simple yes, however just because you thought you looked hot and noticed he thought you looked hot does not mean he can't wait to see you in that cocktail dress you mentioned you just bought for date two.

Myth#4 Thinking Like A Man Will Get You Better Success with Men

Truth: Putting down these stupid self help books will get you better success with men. As logical as these books are, all they really do is make you overanalyze your every move. The basic thing to know is men are simple so keep it simple don't over text try calling every now and then be patient and show you personality don't over think it stop trying to be his idea of perfect and just be you.

Myth#5 Kissing On The 1st Date Is A No, No

Truth: Sleeping on the first date is whole other issue but a simple kiss goodnight after an amazing evening is not going to kill your chances just as much as if you didn't do anything. If it feels right just go for it.


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