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What Men are Really Thinking

So this guy you really like, only after a few dates gives you the "I've been thinking" speech. Whether it was the tiniest blunder on your part or something in his world that clashes with yours, he's quick to pull the plug.

Since women typically like to use romantic comedies and fiction novels as a reference to their personal lives it's in my best interest to tell you that the men in those movies don't always "think" like men in real life. Generally in a movie when a guy needs some time to think he is automatically ready to pull the plug until minutes before the credits he realizes the bigger picture and they live happily ever after (or at least that's what we always assume).

The truth is, when a man uses the phrase "I've been thinking.." nothing good ever really comes after that.

Why? When a man (boy, guy or however you want to call him) says they have been thinking it really means "I have confirmed something I have already d…