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What Men are Really Thinking

So this guy you really like, only after a few dates gives you the "I've been thinking" speech. Whether it was the tiniest blunder on your part or something in his world that clashes with yours, he's quick to pull the plug.

Since women typically like to use romantic comedies and fiction novels as a reference to their personal lives it's in my best interest to tell you that the men in those movies don't always "think" like men in real life. Generally in a movie when a guy needs some time to think he is automatically ready to pull the plug until minutes before the credits he realizes the bigger picture and they live happily ever after (or at least that's what we always assume).

The truth is, when a man uses the phrase "I've been thinking.." nothing good ever really comes after that.

Why? When a man (boy, guy or however you want to call him) says they have been thinking it really means "I have confirmed something I have already d…

Adults And The Economy

It is no secret the economy is at a struggle. So many twenty something year old college grads and students deal with nagging questions regarding their future to which may feel overwhelming and just plain annoying.

I've personally noticed that adults(while aware that it is hard to find employment they) don't seem to really understand how bad the economy truly is.(Especially if they've had their  current job for some time)

Through the years I've gathered common accusations that many adults have towards young adults and the economy..

1. If you're going to a 2 year College, they automatically assume you're only going there to prepare for a University. Not realizing that:

A. While 2 year colleges do set students up to continue their education at a University they also offer programs that only require an 1-2 years of training. (Sometimes even less). This means they are prepared to look for employment for jobs such as dental assistant, office assistant, or massage th…

7 Trends that Need to Make a Comeback

1. Sending Letters- 
When was the last time you mailed a handwritten letter?
When was the last time you got one in the mail?
Wouldn't it be nice to find that someone took the time to tell you how the felt with a pen and paper then through a text message which is probably mostly Emojis?

2. Movie Rentals-
Okay yes, we have Netflix and Hulu, which are great!, but now all patience is lost now that we can binge on an entire series in less than a week

3. Land Line Telephones-
We pay for unlimited minutes yet how much do you actually use those "minutes" to have a conversation with someone?

4. Disposable Cameras-
Thanks to front facing cameras, camera phones, and instagram "selfies" Technology has taken the fun out of photography.

We should just go back to clicking a button and hoping for the best at least then we may be a little less vain

5. Radio Dedications-
Since we can just easily post a song via Facebook no one really listens to the radio on their way to work ho…

3 Reasons Why your Ex Contacts you During the Holidays

Ever wonder why when you finally hear from your ex, it's during the holidays?  Well there is a perfectly reasonable explanation to this madness...
After a breakup, you may go through a period where all communication is officially closed. You can't exactly pick up the phone and contact them the way you used to and you spend months hoping they finally say the things they should have said soon after the break- up.

Why is that when we finally stop holding on to a beacon of hope for them to call or take us back that they finally contact us? 

Why is it that this seems to only occur during a holidays or special occasion? 

Reason #1 - Loneliness
It's the holidays for crying out loud. This usually  involves family, friends, and that special someone.
A lot of men tend to put love on the back burner to focus on everything else. However, at some point they hit a day or two where work just isn't enough.

They holidays always display that cliche image of curling up by a fire, roasting …