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Adults And The Economy

It is no secret the economy is at a struggle. So many twenty something year old college grads and students deal with nagging questions regarding their future to which may feel overwhelming and just plain annoying.

I've personally noticed that adults(while aware that it is hard to find employment they) don't seem to really understand how bad the economy truly is.(Especially if they've had their  current job for some time)

Through the years I've gathered common accusations that many adults have towards young adults and the economy..

1. If you're going to a 2 year College, they automatically assume you're only going there to prepare for a University. Not realizing that:

A. While 2 year colleges do set students up to continue their education at a University they also offer programs that only require an 1-2 years of training. (Sometimes even less). This means they are prepared to look for employment for jobs such as dental assistant, office assistant, or massage therapist. To which all  make "live-able" salaries.

B. Though having a good education is important, not everyone is seeking to get their masters degree. I feel when you tell an adult that you have an AA they question when you'll get your BA, and if you have a BA they question why you don't have your masters yet. Not all of us care to make a six figure income. It all depends on the lifestyle we want to live.

2. If you're working full-time at a local business most adults assume you're still in school. You could be manager at a popular retail store making a decent living and many still ask you about school. You could have graduated already and after constantly informing them you're finished they just can't believe why you're not working in the corporate world.

3.If you're working part-time they repeatedly ask when you're going to get a real job. I know a lot of people who have went to college to later find the job they went to school for, but in order for them to afford that studio apartment that costs about $850/mo they need to work a few hours part time to at least have food in their fridge. The economy doesn't guarantee that the "Big girl/boy" job you get will cover all of your expenses. Especially depending on where you live since housing and wages vary.

4. If you live in the suburbs and are not going to school for nursing, business, or law enforcement apparently you have no future. Small town adults are used to living and thinking practically. This means you work at a local hospital, you're married to a union worker and you spend your Saturdays screaming at your kids in the supermarket. Apparently this is the american dream.

When I would tell adults that I went to school for communications they normal ask what that is. When I say "For me preferably journalism" most of the time they think newspapers. Knowing that newspapers are becoming obsolete, I get looked at sideways with the response " what are you going to do with that?"  Little do they understand communications covers so many opportunities for writers, and people who want to get into marketing since they would be skilled in public relations.

5. Though your questioned daily on why you still work at Chilli's allegedly you have so much time if you're still living at home. "you're young" is always the go to response however you're too old to be working minimum wage. This scenario always comes with so much contradiction.

I wish I could make a PSA to all the adults over 35 but this will have to do for now....


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