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The Reality of Customer Service

For anyone who has ever worked in customer service, most will agree that your initial perception of people will change and it will change fast. You can easily go from being an outgoing people person to wishing you lived alone in the hills of Yemen
 I have worked in customer service for over six years and while I've enjoyed a lot about the jobs I've had, it has really tested my patience when it came to servicing different types of people.

Types of customer service workers 

-Front Desk Associate
-Call Representative

Whether your trying to explain that the back room is not the size of the staples center, or getting yelled at because a 35 year old man didn't read a contract he signed two years ago. The stress can make one wonder if it's even worth making below the poverty line to deal with all of this. 

Not only are their different types of workers in customer service, there are different types of customers.

Through the years, I've narrowed them …