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Top 5 Dating Myths

I'm not an expert on dating nor have a figured out the right way to date in order to get "The Guy",but I have come to learn that while there are some rules you should follow there are also some that don't garuntee anything in your favor.

Myth#1:  A Long Date or Extended Date Is A Sure Sign There Will Be A Second Date

Truth: I've been on plenty of first dates where dinner lasted over 3 hours or we do another activity causing me to be home after 10pm but don't base a great date on a for sure sign there will be 2nd date. He could a. only see you a great company putting you in the friend zone because there isn't enough to based a romantic relationship or b. You may not be the only one he's talking to. This is why i try to make it a mandatory option to make plans after the 1st date so you know then and there what your odds are.

Myth#2 "Future" References Means he likes you

Truth: Well it can be a half truth I personally  make future references be…

Top 5 BULLSH@# Lies Men Tell Women

Lies Men Say While Dating
LIE#1 "I'm not looking for anything serious right now" if said after being rejected this means "I'm not looking for anything serious WITH YOU" if said on the first couple of dates this means "I really just want a FWB relationship with you but don't want to say that" usually this tactic is for you to second guess your intentions and agree so you conform to his wants were you're convincing yourself he's making you more mellow instead of rushing into somethingLIE#2 "I'm not a phone person" or "Sorry I havn't gotten back to you i've just been really busy" if a guy pulls this line which may be true don't fall for it. I have plenty of friends who delay texts or never call making me question why i even pay for minutes, however if a guy really likes you and no one else that "i'm not a phone person" speech should be irrelevant because the last thing he wants is to push…

How To: Go To a Concert Alone

One of the most popular things people like to do for fun, is attend a concert of their favorite artist. Whether it's a small show, local  band, or three day festival, live shows can be a very exciting experience. However, there may come a time where you might have to make a decision to attend it alone or not go at all. I love music, and there's no secret about that among my friends and family. Since I attended my first concert three years ago, I've been bitten by the concert bug, and will make a effort to attend any event with my favorite artist.

My new obsession is actually my pick of the month last November singer songwriter Andy Grammer. While i had already attended his headlining tour this past February, he was still on tour and is now opening for the band Train in Atlantic City. Unfortunately for me, I was stood up last minute and had to attend the event alone. (Dating Tip#43 Doing the "Friend Thing" with your ex doesn't guarantee a loyal friend..use c…