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The Girls Guide to Sports

How is it that what felt like over night, almost every guy in America now spends about 65% of their time pumping themselves up for games such as baseball down to even the PGA Tour. If your the type of girl who respects sports, but has no idea or interest when watching a game then this blog is for you.

If you find yourself annoyed when every other status on facebook is about an upcoming game or a players stupidity on the field then you probably also find yourself wanting to run for the hills just to scream for little a relief. But what if you can't escape it? What if that amazing guy you meet is indeed an ultimate sports fan? Not one game has he missed and God forbid you use Harry Kalas's name in vein. You don't want to insult him by not being able to follow his conversation of last nights amazing turn out, and you defiantly don't want to be bored each time the two of you are on the couch during sports center; so the best thing you can do is actually try to learn somet…

The EX Factor

When Your feelings go from "We're just friends" to "I miss what we had"

You've been spending a lot of time with your ex and are enjoying the time you spend together that's when it happens; those feelings you used to have start coming back, all of sudden you're nervous when you're around them, you think a simple text saying "What are you up to?" hides more between the lines, and like word vomit, you find excuses to go down memory lane. So what do you do?

Backtrack : First think about why you two broke up in the first place. If it was for reasons of infidelity then getting back together probably shouldn't be an option. If the relationship ended for reasons of it being bad timing, first ask yourself if enough time has past yet to start over

Focus: Now that your ex has invested about 75% of time in your mind, try not to make him your main priority. Do your best to keep busy and focus on yourself in between the time you get to spend …