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The Girls Guide to Sports

How is it that what felt like over night, almost every guy in America now spends about 65% of their time pumping themselves up for games such as baseball down to even the PGA Tour. If your the type of girl who respects sports, but has no idea or interest when watching a game then this blog is for you.

If you find yourself annoyed when every other status on facebook is about an upcoming game or a players stupidity on the field then you probably also find yourself wanting to run for the hills just to scream for little a relief. But what if you can't escape it? What if that amazing guy you meet is indeed an ultimate sports fan? Not one game has he missed and God forbid you use Harry Kalas's name in vein. You don't want to insult him by not being able to follow his conversation of last nights amazing turn out, and you defiantly don't want to be bored each time the two of you are on the couch during sports center; so the best thing you can do is actually try to learn something.

Ask questions: If you try to show interest that you want to understand the rules and regulations of his favorite sports teams, then he will be more than happy to explain it to you. Guys who love sports, love talking about it. Giving him an excuse to discuss it more will turn him on to seeing that your willing to try new things.

Participate: If watching a game isn't as ascetically pleasing in your eyes, try going to a game with him. Seeing the excitement right in front of you may spark some interest and give you a chance to watch the sports lessons you've had together in action. Also, try actually playing a game with him. Next time the two of you are making plans for your next date, suggest to go to the park for some one on one or go the local batting cages. Not only will it help your understanding, but it will also help bring you two closer together.

Avoid: Do not be "That Girl" the girl who claims to be a sports fan, but has no clue why she even likes the team she is supporting, only for the mere fact that the guy she is seeing is crazy about them. Just because you want to show interest doesn't mean you have to be something you're not. If you turn out to actually like sports let it happen on its own, don't portray to be a sports fan only for the fear of him losing interest in you. There are sure to be plenty of things you are passionate about that he has no curiosity in learning . Relationships are about compromise not sacrifice. Also, don't manipulate him to spend less time if not all of his time away from the field. If you come to the conclusion that sports is not for you , still give him space to enjoy a game or two. Use this opportunity to have some "me" time. Man can not live on sports alone eventually he'll need some time with you.

Now you may not be a sports genius after reading this article, but you do at least have some knowledge on how to give sports a chance when it becomes completely unavoidable.


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