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Treding Topic


We all have our sources that we go to for all things celebrity. Whether it's US Weekly,Perez Hilton or Entertainment Tonight, America has a hunger for what's happening now in Hollywood.One person to defiantly add to your list is Youtube blogger Alonzo Lerone. Known for his witty and informative reviews on the latest music videos and entertainment specials,Alonzo or "zo-zo" by his fans is there to tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly of what's hot today.No one else backs up their opinions with clear reference to support their statements. Alonzo's soft spoken reviews enlightens his audience as well as leaving us in tears laughing from his brutally honest humor. It only took one video to be absolutely hooked I strongly suggest you subscribe!!

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Movie Review


After dealing with two years of J.lo withdraw,many of us were excited if not ecstatic to see her comeback to star in what would be the most appropriate film of her career,considering she is now a full time mom and wife to singer Marc Anthony. Her new film The Back-Up Plan takes place in New York City were Zoe (Lopez) decides to be artificially inseminated due to her failed attempts of finding Mr. Right. With no time to waste; Zoe decides to take matters into her own hands to start the family she has always wanted. However, like life, it's always full of surprises. One being Stan ( Alex O'Loughlin) who she soon meets to find he is exactly what she is looking for. Now Zoe must find a way to juggle both the man of her dreams and the expected yet unexpected surprise of a baby.

Honestly, I have always found a strong interest for all of Jennifer Lopez's movies regardless of film ratings only for the fact that I am a die hard J.lo fanatic. And from observi…

So You Broke Up....

I bet when you woke up that day you didn't see this coming, and for a split second the morning after, you actually thought you dreamt it, As much as breakups are suppose to guide us and make us stronger for the more important relationships in our life, they still suck. To go from not being able to see yourself with another person to feeling betrayed and confused at the same time.

Sometimes I feel like I know better then anyone what it feels like after you broke up with someone. So much to the point that I know every stage I am going to hit

1. First I feel overwhelmed of what just happened
2. For about a good hour I feel better about the situation and optimistic
3. Then begin to ball like i'm at a Justin Beiber Concert when my friends attempt to sell me every cliche quote they can think off starting with "his loss" and ending with "Everything happens for a reason"

No matter how many times you've been dumped or been the dumper, sometimes it can still be …

The Rules of Dating

I got the idea of writing this article after seeing countless facebook status' of girls and sometimes guys confused of what they're doing wrong in this whole "dating world" so it got me to going back of my own experiences and finding some form of logic in this confusing situation.

Okay so here is how dating works. Well at least a portion of it. I personally started "dating" when I was 18 but it was only until I was 20 that I realized I never actually dated. Normally I'd met a guy and the vibes are really good and after hanging out once we'd make it officially in about 3 days but when you get older that's when you have to start following all these silly rules.

So you meet someone, you go on a date, and if you already spent the whole week texting before the date your just kinda doing commentary on the stuff you talked about and some other stuff just to get to know each other things go well and that's when you have to follow that stupid rule to n…

The 80/20 Rule

Have you ever heard of the expression" I was never in love with them but I loved the "idea" of them"?

When it came to dating, and getting taken advantage of over and over again I realized I was always just the "idea" they were in love with.

This has allowed me to understand that the typical guy (not all) play by the 80/20 rule.

Hopefully when you sit down to think of yourself, most likely you will consider that you are a pretty cool chick. Your patient, your not too clingy, you're not afraid to try new things or get a little messy, your honest,reliable, faithful, and maybe a little flirty now and then. That's when you meet a guy who is just amazed of how rare you are. No matter what they say every guy needs a good girl whether they want to admit it or not. After a few dates he seems to be pretty sure that your definitely someone to keep around.

That's until the texts are like pulling teeth to for him to reply, he is always busy and little by …