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The Rules of Dating

I got the idea of writing this article after seeing countless facebook status' of girls and sometimes guys confused of what they're doing wrong in this whole "dating world" so it got me to going back of my own experiences and finding some form of logic in this confusing situation.

Okay so here is how dating works. Well at least a portion of it. I personally started "dating" when I was 18 but it was only until I was 20 that I realized I never actually dated. Normally I'd met a guy and the vibes are really good and after hanging out once we'd make it officially in about 3 days but when you get older that's when you have to start following all these silly rules.

So you meet someone, you go on a date, and if you already spent the whole week texting before the date your just kinda doing commentary on the stuff you talked about and some other stuff just to get to know each other things go well and that's when you have to follow that stupid rule to not text or call too much cause you want him to chase after you and "appear less available" this is to let him decide when to make that move but then you find yourself reading into signs and body language and tons of other stuff to the point were your now subscribing to cosmopolitan and taking "does he like me quizzes" for help lol. Dating can be a good thing or a bad thing for the following reasons.

1. Its good cause you have the opportunity to practice how to get to know someone before rushing into things and it prevents huge surprises later

2. It's bad because even though your taking your time its not always certain that the both of you are neck and neck of how you feel. You may be really into them or they may be really into you and if they are more into you you may feel that you wasted their time and money to realize that there isn't enough chemistry to make a relationship

3. Its good because your not committed to anyone and can always tap out and just focus on yourself when dating gets a little dry

4. Its bad because you have to learn to guard your feelings until your sure it will work out sometimes you can be into someone and it doesn't work out or your into them and they are too but later realize they aren't into you enough to be your boyfriend and you get hurt later from it. Or if they realize early that there is no chemistry a lot of guys don't know how to handle that awkward "what do i say to her?" question and just ignore her completely thinking you will get the idea which is the dumbest thing a guy can do

So in conclusion, when it comes to dating a lot of guys either go high school and do that i like you you like me lets try to make this work approach and others go for the more adult tactic and space things out, however i personally like go in the middle taking my time but not worrying about certain rules to follow cause when you meet a guy like that your just gonna drive yourself crazy and you cant be yourself cause you feel like your walking in a mine field and scared to death that a simple text,statement, or facebook comment will turn him off.

My advice: Don't let them think they have you until they can prove they wont hurt you let them work for it not too much to the point where they give up just enough to let their actions speak louder


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