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Adults And The Economy

It is no secret the economy is at a struggle. So many twenty something year old college grads and students deal with nagging questions regarding their future to which may feel overwhelming and just plain annoying.

I've personally noticed that adults(while aware that it is hard to find employment they) don't seem to really understand how bad the economy truly is.(Especially if they've had their  current job for some time)

Through the years I've gathered common accusations that many adults have towards young adults and the economy..

1. If you're going to a 2 year College, they automatically assume you're only going there to prepare for a University. Not realizing that:

A. While 2 year colleges do set students up to continue their education at a University they also offer programs that only require an 1-2 years of training. (Sometimes even less). This means they are prepared to look for employment for jobs such as dental assistant, office assistant, or massage th…