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What You May Already Know about Men

To some, dating isn't all that hard. There are the few who have met that special person early in life who they have been with for years and eventually married. There are the few who were in a committed relationship, painted the town red for a bit, and met the love of their life shortly after. Then their is you, where eventually you have grown to HATE all of these people because you're the complete opposite. You feel as if you have the worst luck and have found yourself struggling to meet anyone who wants to even be in a relationship. 
I think Snooki said it best when she said and I quote “Guys … don’t know how to deal with women and I feel that’s why the lesbianrate is going up in this country.”  as troublesome as this New Jersey native can be sometimes, she has a valid point. 
Many Men and Women don't know how to "deal" with each other. Is it because he's a jerk? It is because she's too much? The answer is NO! (well in most cases). It's obvious that me…

The Worlds Worst Text Message

One of the best things about this generation is able to complete everyday tasks at the push of a button. Transfer money, send email, and even file our tax returns. However technology has also made us so fortunate that it’s caused us to be lazy. Once again I’m here to clarify that breaking is up is one of the most uncomfortable situations to be in. However as uncomfortable and awkward as it may be it should still never is handled in the easiest way possible.

What Seems Simple can Actually be More Complicated
Breaking up with someone via text may seem like the best solution. You can avoid the weird conversation, you don't have to see them cry and can avoid a couple swings to face. However, there are only a few cases where you can actually get away with this.

If you're a guy and dumped a girl via text message, have you ever found yourself ignoring calls and text messages of them frantic asking "why are you doing this?", "I hate you", or "talk to me"…

When He Needs To Spread His Wings (Written for Him....and Her)

To many, a relationship is about sharing. Sharing personal information that one else knows, sharing your time and energy, sharing your ideas thoughts, and also sharing your dreams. If you've noticed that lately your significant other has been spending a lot of time stressing what's not happening rather then what is happening right this minute you could find yourself to be in a sticky situation if you aren’t already.

I decided to write this blog because after reading articles of women in this situation and after being is it myself I wanted to explore why this happens in a relationship. Things are going pretty well between you too and all of a sudden they want to take a break or just be friends because they need to get their life together. In a recent article posted by, one subscriber asked why her boyfriend broke up with her because he feels he needed to focus on a career and school. To the average person that seems like a plausible reason to break things off…