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The Worlds Worst Text Message

One of the best things about this generation is able to complete everyday tasks at the push of a button. Transfer money, send email, and even file our tax returns. However technology has also made us so fortunate that it’s caused us to be lazy. Once again I’m here to clarify that breaking is up is one of the most uncomfortable situations to be in. However as uncomfortable and awkward as it may be it should still never is handled in the easiest way possible.

What Seems Simple can Actually be More Complicated

Breaking up with someone via text may seem like the best solution. You can avoid the weird conversation, you don't have to see them cry and can avoid a couple swings to face. However, there are only a few cases where you can actually get away with this.

If you're a guy and dumped a girl via text message, have you ever found yourself ignoring calls and text messages of them frantic asking "why are you doing this?", "I hate you", or "talk to me"! Sometimes to the point where you want change your number? The reason for this reaction is because women hate cliff hanger endings we need an explanation and closure IMMEDIADTELY! By giving some B$@# S#$t response will automatically cause her to question what she did wrong.

Solution: Giver her ONE day. Get everything out and talk to her. Regardless if you're happy with her or not it’s the adult thing to do. If you need a minute to calm down do so, but still show some respect and end things properly it may have ended with different feelings toward her but it didn't start that way. How would you feel if your boss emailed you saying Dear Carl: "you fired?" Sincerely, you’re Boss. She may still take it hard, she may still be upset, but when she takes some time and gets over it she's going to respect you for how you handle things and give you the space you want. Rather than blow up your phone every other day. If you're going to treat a girl like child she's going to act like a child. Plain and Simple

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