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3 Reasons Why your Ex Contacts you During the Holidays

Ever wonder why when you finally hear from your ex, it's during the holidays? 
Well there is a perfectly reasonable explanation to this madness...

After a breakup, you may go through a period where all communication is officially closed. You can't exactly pick up the phone and contact them the way you used to and you spend months hoping they finally say the things they should have said soon after the break- up.

Why is that when we finally stop holding on to a beacon of hope for them to call or take us back that they finally contact us? 

Why is it that this seems to only occur during a holidays or special occasion? 

Reason #1 - Loneliness
It's the holidays for crying out loud. This usually  involves family, friends, and that special someone.
A lot of men tend to put love on the back burner to focus on everything else. However, at some point they hit a day or two where work just isn't enough.

They holidays always display that cliche image of curling up by a fire, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying the company of the one you love. They may see posts online of their friends sharing this special time with someone else which could stir up old feelings about you.

Sometimes they may even ask themselves. "If my friends can make a relationship work, then  what's my problem?"

Reason #2 - "The Itch"

Never assume that his loneliness is a desperate cry for help. It could also just mean it's the holidays, he's alone and he's horny.

Why contact you? 
1. They miss you
2. You two have a history making you an easy target
3. They'd rather ask you then someone they may actually want to be serious with
4. They'd rather ask you then some random person
5. They assume there is a good chance you won't say no

Sad but true, and do not be surprised that they later turn back cold and more distant. If to hookup is the biggest action they've made since the breakup, your best bet is to reject this invitation. Especially if they're the one who dumped you. The last thing you want is to get "dumped" all over again.

Reason #3 - Regret

This is that rare reason that we may wish was the only reason. In some cases the holidays may actually trigger regret for them.

The only way to take this seriously is if they do three things:

1. They make the first move
2. They allow their actions to speak louder
3. They still remain to show interest after the holidays

Keep in mind #3 can act as a temporary "spell". Once love is no longer in the air, they  may be over the idea of getting back into a relationship with you. The upcoming season means warmer weather, which means more people. More people means more opportunities to socialize and mingle.

Only take their proposal into consideration if they act exactly the same come spring time.

Only you know for sure if you should get back together. Is it worth trying again? or are you better off being apart?


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