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7 Trends that Need to Make a Comeback

1. Sending Letters- 
When was the last time you mailed a handwritten letter?
When was the last time you got one in the mail?
Wouldn't it be nice to find that someone took the time to tell you how the felt with a pen and paper then through a text message which is probably mostly Emojis?

2. Movie Rentals-
Okay yes, we have Netflix and Hulu, which are great!, but now all patience is lost now that we can binge on an entire series in less than a week

3. Land Line Telephones-
We pay for unlimited minutes yet how much do you actually use those "minutes" to have a conversation with someone?

4. Disposable Cameras-
Thanks to front facing cameras, camera phones, and instagram "selfies" Technology has taken the fun out of photography.

We should just go back to clicking a button and hoping for the best at least then we may be a little less vain

5. Radio Dedications-
Since we can just easily post a song via Facebook no one really listens to the radio on their way to work hoping that special someone calls in knowing you'll be tuned in to your favorite station.

6. Memorization
Do you know when your friend's birthday is without Facebook telling you?
In the event of an emergency could you dial your parents if you lost your phone?

7. Coming to the front door 
I said this in another post and i'll say it again
Stop texting "here" when you arrive at someone's house
It's tacky, lazy, and shows you could care less about making a good impression

-There are a hundred other things that definitely need to come back or revisit again. Technology  has allowed to lost patience with so many things that a snap back to the basics is dire need of a comeback.


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