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She's just not that RIGHT for you

The Good the Bad and the Ugly Truth about Finding the Right Girl!

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After a long while of hearing friends and coleagues complaining of how to find the right girl I have decided to take the time to answer the question that festers in a guy's mind everyday. "How can I get a nice girl?" what seems like the most impossible thing to get its actually quit simple. Most guys choose the type of girl there are with merly just on apperence or that she is so close to your house that she is an easy booty call. However after awhile the fun stops when you actually want something real. So hear it is your chance to say no to the statistics and yes to the girl next door.

First of all before you even read this article it is important that your actually ready for a serious relationship the only way to get what you want is for you to be mentally ready too and mature of ur decisons.

Lets take some time to way out the Good with the Bad


1. Caring: Listens to your problems and actually wants to help you. Basically she gives you that TLC you need without her coming off as if she is your slave

2. Innocent: now this is in terms of that she hasnt done everything in the book down to sex weed and vodka and has more street smarts then The Game. A girl that has self respect for her self and still wants to learn how to have a little fun is a good thing to look out for

3. Kicking it Old School: a girl that wants to take it back to basics by being friends first or just taking the relationship nice and slow is also a good thing rushing a relationship can lead to too much pressure and a lot of heart break and fustration in a short amont of time

4. Has Life Goals: A girl that actually wants to do something with her life is always somethng a guy should keep in mind . However that doesnt mean you should only look for girls that want to be doctors lawyers or the next hilary Clinton any girl that doesnt want to just settle for a minimum wage job and actually accomplish something even if its just small a degree at the local community college or to apply for assistant manager shows she values more out of her life.

5. Relatable: With out anything in common there is no relationship though there is that rare occasion when opposites really do attract and they fit like pieces of a puzzle. This is because everything he has she needs and everything she has he needs. For example she might be quiet and sweet while he his goofy and a little bit of a bad boy she can teach him to be more content and still have fun while he can teach her to let loose and not worry so much but still be the sweet girl she always was. Make sure there is still a foundation of something that the both of you can relate to and build around that.

6. Modest: A girl that is sexy and knows it is not the girl for you a girl that knows she can be sexy but is just herself is the one to keep and eye out for cockiness gets you know where but humbleness will get you further then you have ever dreamed . A girl that can be sexy without being conceidet is one to hold on to if she shows self confidence in ways that you dont have to keep reminding her that she is beautiful then you know she is not just prenteding to be modest to get compliments. A good example is if she can say "dont you think Jessica Alba is sexy or "that girl that passsed by has a nice butt" shows yea she saw you look at her but she is not swayed at all and knows your with her for a reason so why be insecure.

7. Self Respect: What a lot of people seem to forget at the age of 17-30 is that sex isnt going anywhere sure its fun sure it feels good but there are more reasons to wait then there are to give in and fall into temptation. Sex brings emotional attatchment as well as the fear of STDs and pregnacy. A girl and also a guy should be smart to hold off on sex until a deep connection has been made and trust has been built if marriage is out of the question for both partners also honesty of the number of partners they have been with is important for both as well as making sure that person is clean when it is time to for the two of you to bump uglies. This is also important if you discover that she is a virgin remember that girls are different then guys when it comes to that first time so dont pressure her of when it will it happen cause regardless if she is a virgin or not it is her decision when she want to make that right of passage. Which is also why building a strong faithful relationship is ideal so her experience is more meanigful then it feeling like it was a one night stand. Keep in mind that No one loves a Hoe for long.

8. Knows how to have fun: a girl that can be serious but silly too is a great accet if she is willing to learn the game of football or try to beat you in Metal Gear Solid is a girl that doesnt mind getting her hands dirty and wants to get closer by learning the things you like to do

9. Inspirational: If she has a quility that makes you want to do better or just try harder then that is a rare characteristic that should not be overlooked everyone wants that muse that makes us do the things we wish we could do but we dont have that extra push even if its as simple as making your bed everyday her influences could do you some good

10. Someone to take home to momma!:

When it is all said in done no matter how much you may not care about their opinion your family is the last person to judge the girl you are with. If you ever saw a shot of love with Tila Tequila when she visited the parents then you will think twice about asking that girl with the apple butt you saw at Mcdonalds to meet your grandmother. A girl who can have fun with your fam and still have a little spice on the ride home doesnt show that she is a phony but shows how to have respect for her elders cause there are just somethings you dont do with everyone like you would your friends.


Now that you know what to look out for here are some things to stay away from

1. Self involved: a girl that doesnt care about how you feel and is too into her looks is not the girl for you and an easy way to tell this is by a simple click to her myspace page. There is a lot that you can tell about a girl that is already right in front of you.

a. She changes her profile a lot especially after one date with you showing how in love she is yea we all get excited after that amazing date but it takes strength to pace ourselfs

b. Her pics are conceited as all hell with tons of mirror shots, booty shots, plus skin, skin and more skin. i always said to people who always asked me to post tons of body pics "if i show you everything it wont leave anything to be a mystery."

c. Her profile flaunts alchohol, weed, and sex like its as religious for her as going to church

d. Also if most of her pics have pouty lips and her doing peace signs STAY AWAY and if a pic has more than 2,000 comments thats a sure sign she is full of herself

2. She tries too hard to impress you

3. She's paranoid of you cheating which probably means she is cheating herself

4. Too clingy and doesnt give you any space for youself "abstence makes the heart grow fonder" seeing a person too much doesnt add excitment just cotinuiety and things start getting boring not seeing each other for awhile is like seeing each other for the first time when you do finally hang out which makes it more special

5. Thinks sex is all you want because thas what tv stupid friends and past relationships has taught her

6. Cant think for herself and agrees with everything you say just to keep peace

7. Spends more time telling other people ur problems then working it out with you

8. Partys too much and doesnt know how to just chill

9. Her wardrobe is very simular to Mariah Careys of just short dresses skirts and low cut tops .If she shops at Holister, Abercrombie, and America Eagle then she probably will remind you alot of that girl from the Hills

10. Gets annoyed too easily: a girl that tries to change you rather then compromise or picks fights rather then talk it over is a girl that is not open minded at all about working together


Always talks about the future sure we all do it, we have a short day dream of if we can see ourselves with that person in 10 years but if she is always pushing the subject of marriage babies and your dream house it might be a good idea to pull the plug now talking about the future only adds more pressure to the relationship because God forbid the relationship ended the girl is sad that all the dreams of being with u forever are now gone its ok to ask hypothetical questions like how many kids do u see urself having but make sure the conversations doesnt go that far or just dont ask if you know they will get carried away with it.
Note that this artical is not for you to take everything i said as diagnosed advice nor am I bashing all girls but its a way for you to take what i have said to really think about the simple mistakes we all make or have made so many times when dating someone the only way to truelly know what you want is time everyone can be that girl and everyone can be that guy but if we just stop and go back to basics work together and think for ourselves then a happy relationship is not impossible.
Good Luck

Ps. Dont be afraid to read Cosmopolitan, or watch chick flicks like How to loose a guy in 10 days, The truth about Cats and dogs, Mean girls, or cruel intentions for clues to what i have been trying to say also just go to the mall with your friends to spot out WHAT NOT TO DATE. ~Happy Hunting ;) ~


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