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So You're Dating This Guy And.....

Why does it seem that no matter how many times we date we can never seem to get things right? Is it us or are we both to blame? This next blog expresses my thoughts on the misscommunications on men and women. Is it really them or are we not listening.

If your at the point where your a click away from creating an eharmony profile then your probably done with the bull sh** and looking for something serious and long term.

But you still have some will power in you to stay positive, and just let things happen on its own. Thats when it does happen, you've met the perfect guy, and after a couple dates he is showing major signs that he is into you. This totally boosts your confidence which maybe gives you the idea to do a little spring cleaning to your contact list of old rebound dates.

Thats when it happens they reveal their feelings. If most men do not know already revealing your feelings to a girl is major because that's what they do not expect a typical guy to do, especially so soon. Unfortunatlly this makes things more complicated. they're happy that you want more but it puts her in a situation where she is given a time bomb and has to now slowly stop it before it explodes into chaos.

When a guy reveals how much he is into you it is important that you become the bigger person and compromise a gentle way to take things slow. An easy statement of " I really dont want to mess things up between us so lets still take our time, but be confident that things will work out"

Now your back to the relationship being simple giving into how they feel puts you too much into a fantasy ignoring the reality of the situation next thing you know he is the one creeped out and your the one who is angry that he rushed things in the first place. If he likes you as much as he says he does then he should have no problem waiting. After all, something this good should not be rushed.

But what if things are already moving too fast? When you notice that everytime you hang out with this person you are spending more time being so into each other you're making no time to get to know each other, you are now walking on thin ice. This is because the smallest thing could make them think that things are going to fast and the classic "lets just be friends" topic comes up.

(Show this to your guy)

What he should do. COMMUNICATE. No I am not implying you have a 4 hour heart to heart while you braid her hair. But it is important to tell each other how somthing makes you feel. Guys always wish they could read a girls mind as well as girls the best way to do this is to actually talk to each other. What may seem like one extreme to you may actually have just been a misunderstanding. What is popular with men is that they tend to ignore the topic and basically hope she gets the hint however that never seems to work for both people. Men think more with their mind and women think more with their emotions. For a guy to simply ignore a girl actually makes things worse for them. Do you find yourself ignoring calls or even thinking about changing your number. Why do you think she keeps calling? Obviously you havnt expressed your feelings in a direct way and allowing her to defend herself. Because you didnt give her that chance doesnt give her the clarity that you two are f just friends or have broken up. No girl likes to get hints from a guy just as much as men hate hints that a girl is into them direct answers are better appreciated. No one likes bringing bad news but it will hurt less for her rather then spending more time wondering what she did wrong. This also helps if you agree to stop talking she is respectful to you if you so happen to run into her.

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