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Why Men Avoid Drama Better Than Woman

    REASON #1  (They're less emotional about the situation)
  1. Biologically woman are "programed" to be more emotional. Considering we are the life givers woman  have more maternal instincts about things. Men on the other hand are more logical and don't always take things personal. When there is drama they pick and chose their battles (not always intelligently) but for the most part they know which are worth fighting for.
          REASON #2  (They don't hold grudges)
  1. God forbid a best friend, boyfriend or random citizen pisses a woman off most likely she wants them to really feel sorry for the actions they've done. How many times have you seen a girl post one of those "look for the hidden meaning" status' on facebook? How many times has a guy ignored you after something silly?
  2. Like woman, men are forgiving, however they understand that sh*t happens, and are over the situation a lot faster. Even if they are upset with a friend they most likely are going to squash it instantly or move on like it never happened.

        REASON #3 (They're better at keeping their private life private)
  1. Men know when to keep their mouth shut. How does gossip start? One person tells another person something in confidence, and that listener just can't bare to hold in this juicy information making them feel obligated to share it with someone else. Not saying all men never gossip, you will come across a weasel or two at some point, but for the most part, men have better control of how not to spill every little piece of information that is presented in front of them.
  2. They don't share every bit of information about the people they are dating. Yes men talk. Yes men share private things to their friends about their girlfriend, but they have less word vomit about their entire relationship. We've all had those moments were we felt compelled to talk about the guy we were seeing regardless if had anything to do with the conversation at hand. Most guys only answer questions about their spouse unless asked or it's completely relevant to the discussion.
None of these reasons conclude that men are better than woman, though society has spent decades trying to prove otherwise, nevertheless they do trump us is many ways as far as avoiding drama. Always remember there is a reason why men and woman were created differently. At the end of the day we need each other, and if smart we should learn from each other too.


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