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The REAL Truth About Guys

 For some people, dating and relationships come pretty easy. For others, it takes a while to get the hang of things. For me, that was the exact curveball life threw me five years ago. If I could talk to the previous me in 2008 today also known as, "the last year of bliss before it all seemed to go down hill", there would be so many things i'd warn myself. Especially since I saw life like a Nicholas Sparks Novel. Luckily, instead of developing insanity for half a decade I eventually discovered all of the "hidden" things i already knew about guys. The REAL Truth...

  1. Keep it simple: (most) men are simple as in they don't analyze everything the way women do
  2. Never cut the chase short by showing too much interest, for he will show less ( Men are hunters, which means you need him to like you a little more than you like him)
  3. Never assume that every guy is the exception to the rule
  4. Every man loves a woman who cares enough to show her domestic side, but make sure he is going to appreciate it first.
  5. Never try to turn a red flag into a green one . No one can be "fixed", trained or changed only influenced.
  6. Doesn't matter if he's 22 or 42 never assume age will garuntee maturity
  7. Never try to be their idea of perfect or proving how perfect you are for them, the right guy will see it for himself.


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