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How to Survive a Job you Hate

Not always do we instantly land the job of our dreams. Sometimes we have to do a little grunt work until we make it into the executive world or a least a world that doesn't feel like an episode of Roots. Most likely when you started your job things weren't that bad, until one day you found yourself struggling to even get out of bed in the morning. What makes a job go from exciting and bearable to just plain excruciating?

First of all, it's important to realize that you have a job not a career which means this position probably isn't something you plan on doing for the rest of your life, but for now it gets you  by. If you don't plan on having a career (which is perfectly fine) you probably would still like to have a job you can enjoy coming to each day.

How to make the best of the job you have

1. Weigh out the pros and cons: Ask yourself questions such as.. 
Does it pay my bills?
How much has this job taught me?
What can I do or benefit at this job that I couldn't somewhere else?
What is my favorite thing about this job?

2. Give yourself something to look forward too each week
set weekly goals for yourself
change your work routine
find new projects for yourself

3. Give yourself me time on your off days 

4. Treat yourself

5. Don't burn your bridges!
when the time to leave comes never leave on a bad note don't vent to employees your frustration and avoid acting out while on the job remember that this job is just a stepping stone to something better

6. Start applying!
Look for positions that suits what your looking for. Pay attention to job descriptions and compare them to what you are doing now. Also, avoid job hunting at work.

Sometimes a job can go through small stressful situations that don't last  like during the holiday season.

There are many signs that express that it's time to leave your current job
Click here to see where you stand with yours


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