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5 Reasons Why Facebook is Evil!

  1. Competition: Celebrities have coined a new trend where it's cool to give fans an idea of what their life is like on a daily basis. However, as great as it would be to imagine living such a posh and lavish lifestyle, many people are finding themselves posting as if they've just become the 8th Kardashian. How many times have you seen one "friend" post something to later see another post something similar, but with more pizazz to it?
  2. Jealousy&Resentment: Not only do you find yourself competing against each other, you now find yourself jealous of people you barely know. "Why does Brittany have a new GMC Denali and not me?" "What does my ex's new girlfriend have that I don't? It's the typical case of the grass being greener on the other side. The more time one spends on Facebook the more they start to compare everything to what other people are doing thus resenting the things in their own life. Curiosity comes into play here as well. Cyberstalking old flames, classmates, enemies, or that guy who never called you after an amazing dinner that Friday night. The worst is finding yourself check your news feed literaly every 5 minutes as if you're going to miss something exciting which almost never happens.
  3. Depression: Not only can Facebook put you into a depression, it can prolong it as well. Everyone goes through a time where everything feels like there is a ten pound weight on their shoulders, You could be dealing with a difficult situation such as a breakup. Consuming oneself with pictures of others out and about or that couple that has to always remind us that they are still on cloud 9 can make something that may take only a few days to get over take several months.
  4. Anti-Social: One of the saddest parts about technology in this generation, are the amounts of people who avoid meeting others "organically". To most, it makes more sense to exchange or look up one's facebook than to make plans right then and there. The hilarious part about this is when a "Facbook junky" is found conversing with an anti-facebook civilian. How many times do you find yourself or others disclaim that they don't really use their facbook that often after meeting someone who doesn't have an account at all?
  5. Privacy:  It's not without question that once you're on the internet, your privacy is no longer private even when you think it is, there are ways to tap into the most intimate details of your life. In the past two years, Facebook has increased it's privacy feature which to most would seem more like big brother reading their diary. Nevertheless, one does have the option to prevent certain things to be shared. Facebook has this magical way of allowing people to have what some people would call "word vomit". Too much is being shared in terms of one's private life, relationships, or even their safety. Mapping out a play by play of your entire day makes it way too easy  for others to find you, not to mention the handy dandy map located on your profile. Also keep in mind that everything you post on Facebook can make or break your reputation which could change how people perceive you. More people want to judge or point the finger, rather than focus on their own mistakes and life choices.


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