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When You Want to Tell Your Boss.....

You want a raise
  • Asking for money is never easy, especially in the workplace. No one wants to feel like they don't appreciate what they are given now, but at the same time if you find yourself struggling to pay this months car payment and can barely make enough to save or that you have worked there long enough to where you feel you deserve a pay increase then yes! You should bring this to their attention immediately.
  • How? Don't be brash about your approach simply (which may feel easier said than done) address your feelings of why you think you deserve an increase in your salary. Let them know your situation without feeling like you are trying to win them over by playing the sympathy card. Also, remind your boss what you bring to the table every day at work. Are you always on time? Are you what they refer to as a "team player?". By showing your boss that you aren't just randomly asking for money and have reason to back up your request, they might find more reason to consider your proposal.

 Someone is bothering you

The last thing someone wants, is to feel like an 8 year old when someone is constantly antagonizing them at work. But when it's getting in the way of your work ethic. It is important that you address the problem. If you have already confronted your fellow employee about the problem and still see no improvement, approach your boss and explain to them the situation, and ask for advice on how to fix the problem with out causing a huge blow up between the two of you. Tell her that you have tried to mediate the problem yourself and no changes have been made since you have confronted them. No boss will tolerate such behavior and will most likely take matters into their own hands.

You made a mistake
We've all done it and it can be a little scary to confess, but it's better to tell them you messed up than they find out on their own. The quicker you can resolve the issue the easier you can get over it. A boss already knows that at some point things aren't going to go smoothly. They expect you to do the best you can to avoid error, but when that time does come it is better to let them know then to hide it.

You want to quit

For some, leaving a job can be as easy as walking out of a Paris Hilton concert, but to others who actually like their job or at least respect it they may find it difficult to say goodbye. Before you make arrangements to put in your two weeks, make sure this is what you really want to do. Had a bad couple days? Maybe quiting isn't the best idea. Here are a few reasons why leaving would be the best choice.

  1. You have no desire to go to work, even getting out of bed is a hassle
  2. You're not making enough money and you're salary has yet to increase
  3. The commute is too far and putting strain on your vehicle and travel finances (gas, toll, etc)
  4. You spend more time venting to your co-workers about how much you hate your job then actually working
  5. You're looking for new work at work
  6. You barely get along with anyone to where you wish you worked alone
  7. Your hours aren't flexible and get in the way of your personal life
  8. Its not a job you want to make a career out of
If you relate to some if not all of these then maybe its time to start heading into a different direction. Since finding a job is very difficult these days makes sure you have something lined up before you decide to part ways with your employer especially if you have financial obligations. Always leave your job on a positive note and to thank them for the opportunity. Not only is this professional and polite but it's also insurance for if you have to return.


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