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My Pick of the Month! (Andy Grammer)

Better known for his debut hit "Keep Your Head Up" which has been shown on programs such as VH1's Pop Up Video and featured in TV spots for the movie Dolphin Tale, Andy has already won the hearts of many music lovers addicted to the feeling they get when an upbeat, catchy song just speaks to them in every way possible. 

To evaluate the equation of  Andy Grammer's style of music, I would have to say it's the easy going vibe of Jason Mraz mixed with the sexy, soulful sound of Maroon 5 topped with a heavy dash of the Hip Hop/R&B flavor of Maxwell. After five seconds of hearing his music, you're automatically brought back to a simpler time when music wasn't auto tuned, but produced with depth and meaning to each and every lyric.

Already inspired to pursue his music career, Andy moved from New York to Los Angeles at the age of 20.
After a few years of small gigs, low income and street performances on the 3rd street promenade, Andy writes "Keep Your Head Up" that not only was a new single to perform,but motivation to encourage himself to keep trying.  Soon Andy's song not only encouraged himself to not give up, but motivated millions once his video for "Keep Your Head Up" went viral on youtube displaying a colorful interactive showcase whilst featuring Rainn Wilson known for his hilarious antics in the television show The Office.

From touring with artist such as Natasha Bedingfield,Colbie Caillat, and Performing duets with Taylor Swift, Andy Grammer is vastly approaching an amazing career in music. After 12 hours of listening to his album containing songs such as "Pocket" and "Ladies", I was not only entertained, but irrevocably in love with the honesty and realness of his lyrics. If you haven't checked this guy out already I highly recommend that you do.

Music Video "Keep Your Head Up" feat. Rainn Wilson


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