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Think Like A Psychic Detective

Okay so anyone would be psychic if everything that could potentially be a clue lite up at the scene of the crime. But that doesn't mean you can't posses psychic like powers. Basically you have to learn to be more observant when guy hunting.

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Basically you have a short amount of time to get a good look at this person without appearing to be creepy. In order to do this you have to hit the 5 focal points. 

Focal point # 1

Appearance: Is his style put together or just plain sloppy? Keep in mind that even if it isn't the best doesn't mean they are a bum they could have just came from the gym which says they care about their physical health.

Focal Point # 2

His ring finger. Try to get a glance at his left hand for a ring that will tell you then and there if he is single. If no ring still check to see if he is fidgeting with where a wedding band should be. This may indicate infidelity or a past marriage. Playing with the ring finger indicates there once was a ring there and is still use to it being there. A new trend married men are also doing is tattooing their wedding band onto their finger.

Focal Point # 3

Possessions: Look for things they may have. For example if you're at a library or coffee house look at the type of gadgets they may have or book they are reading even to what they order the things we buy says a lot of who we are. If he has the latest gadget it says he makes a decent income,but it can also say he's materialistic meaning in a fire he might think to save the plasma and not you. If he has a basic cell,but is wearing a button down from Banana Republic then he likes nice things, but can also keep it simple. If at a supermarket get a quick glance of what they are purchasing. TV dinners and Twinkies screams bachelor while diapers and pudding cups could mean he has children or is into weird things sexually. At the laundry mat? Try to see if he has any "delicates" in his load.

Focal Point # 4

Voice and Diction. If you happen to catch him on the phone don't necessarily ease drop on the conversation but try to get an idea of how he talks to his associates. Pay attention to the subject of the conversation and language. For example how much profanity he uses in each sentence. Vulgarity could go two ways if he's on the phone with an old buddy about tonight's football game this could just be his testosterone coming out plus the excitement for something he loves, but if he is venting about work this could mean he has a short temper. Another tip is how polite he is. Is he on the phone at a quiet area just gabbing away? or did he step outside to take his call?

Focal Point #5

Eye Contact. If you're lucky to exchange a glace see how he looks at you. Does he appear shy with a slight smile or do his eyes scream you, me, my bed, NOW! Not every guy is out hoping to meet their next soul mate many are just open to this weeks next hook up.

Keep in mind that just because you notice they are driving a 2006 Honda Accord or decided to rock the sweats that day don't be too shallow that you're not going to approach them. This is just to give you a quick overview of who they are or possibly are like. You're not going to have an accurate interpretation, but now you will know more than what you would have if all you noticed was that they were cute.


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