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Welcome to the Strip!!

In the past few months Vegas has recently become a major hot spot! Not only is Vegas one of the most exciting and crazy places to go on vacation, it can also be one of the most expensive. Between eating out, going to shows and exhibits, shopping, casinos, and just traveling down the strip you could find yourself spending a small fortune. Based on my recent experience in Vegas here are my top 5 tips to surviving a trip in sin city

1. Dining Out: Stay away from hotel restaurants a lot of people will tell you to save money and just use the buffets available at most of the hotels as good as that sounds considering it is avaible to you all day it can add up considering you're spending about $35 a day. There are actually cheaper places to eat that will leave more money in your pocket.

a. Denny's: Not only have you heard of it but you know it's not expensive just keep in mind if you want to go there for breakfast I would suggest as early as possible after 9am the lines are extremely long to the point where customers are waiting outside to be seated.

b. McDonalds: Located Right next to Harrah’s if you want something quick cheap and easy


c. The Fashion Show: located further down the strip and is the local Mall which contains a food court.

■· Crazy Crepes

■· Great Wraps

■· Greek Island Cafe

■· Hagen Dazs

■· Hot Dog on a Stick

■· Ichiban

■  Jac & Ray

■  KFC

■· Nathan’s Famous

■· Panda Express

■· Philadelphia Cheese Steak

■  Sbarro

■· Subway

■· Taco Maker

■· Wendy’s

Also if you need a caffeine fix don't worry the strip has over 20 Starbucks also there is a CVS and Walgreens that's open 24-hours

*TIP!* At some point during your stay you probably would like to eat somewhere nicer my suggestion is to look online to where you want to eat and budget how much your meal will cost also it wouldn’t hurt to make a reservation since some nights are busier than others


2. Entertainment: You probably have a few shows in mind that you want to see although it looks like a scam go to the ticket stands you'll see on the strip believe it or not they sell tickets much cheaper than buying them straight at the box office sometimes cutting your price in half. Also take the time to view some of the FREE! Shows that run all day for example the Bellagio has a fountain show that is wonderful at night, Treasure Island has The Pirates of TI: a burlesque mini play, also the Volcano show that's right across from Harrah's


3. Clubs: Make a reservation to avoid waiting in line. Clubs like Voodoo and Studio 54 stays packed. If you plan on drinking bring at least $40 for a simple Malibu Bay Breeze will run you about $17 excluding tip

4. Keep comfortable: the weather on the west coast is much different than the east coast especially since we are in the winter season when you think you need a jacket on minute it warms up again in less than an hour also carry as less as possible to avoid strain if you plan on wearing heels all I can say is insoles are you friend!! <3 while some hotels provide free shuttle services others will have you to walk the strip which is not like walking the board walk.

5. Shopping: don’t go crazy when you shop if you have a hard time packing now remember you're probably going to leave with a little more than what you came with. Leave room for souvenirs and other items. Also budget shopping money for yourself. When shopping also keep in mind if you really need this. Is it something you can only get in Vegas or is it something you probably could by at home or online. Avoid impulse purchases. *KEEP IN MIND SALES TAX IS 7.75% vs. 7.0% in NJ*

*Bonus* To avoid having to tip housekeeping every day keep the do not disturb sign on your door before you leave unless you're in desperate need of towels

Hopefully some of these tips will help give you the best experience ever remember stay together tons of people are going to try to sell you something and random drunk and crazy people will pop out now and then so be aware. Other than that have fun and remember WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS!! IN VEGAS!!! ;-)


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