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The Boy is Mine

I think Gretchen Wilson sang it best when it comes to that one girl who doesn't seem to get the memo that your boyfriend is taken. "She devils", "Maneaters", "homewreckers" however you address them, we have all dealt with it. The mystery is how do you handle this situation?

There are at least 4 places girls like this strike.

In School: She uses him as an excuses to be her study partner, walks the long way to class just to "say hi" and uses him as her main focus when performing at the school talent show

At Work: He's the first person she goes to when something heavy needs to be lifted or when the computer miraculously freezes, Schedules her lunch breaks around his, and is interested in his weekend plans during casual conversation.

At a party: Everyone's having a good time till she's had a few drinks from a long beer pong tournament. She's all over your man and suggest he take her out on the dance floor for an innocent good time

Before you can even comment, you notice not only did she like his status she commented on it too, not to mention over 50 of his pictures along with random posts of non significant memories they shared together similar to the time he lent her his pen in English class.

Why Do they do this?

Its the age old response "They just want what they can't have". Have you ever seen an incredibly hot guy and said to yourself "I can't believe he is with her"? Not only is she thinking this too, but she is also thinking "Why did he pick her over me?" even is she barely knows the guy. The reason she flirts or is too forward is because she needs to feel that in some crazy way he made a bad decision, that there isn't something that you have that she doesn't.

When You Don't Need to Worry: Don't be the girl who doesn't even blame the guy if he is guilty of flirting too. But if your man makes sure to show no interest in her desperate cry for help then she is no threat to you. For that I would take it as a compliment that she is jealous.

When Something Needs To Be Said: Keep in mind, this doesn't give you an invitation to find your inner werewolf and kill her. This is only for when she is so relentless, you need to find an adult way to let her know. Dirty looks and smart remarks are only going to make her more confident that she's getting to you and confronting her will only make her defensive. Also realize even though guys are more laid back, only for the reason that women move more by their emotions, he should feel that something should be said as well. If it is a real issue he should want to settle this. Completely ignoring the situation shows he doesn't care and finds intrigue in the attention. Any guy who is man enough to defend his girl shows you are important to them.

In the end your always going to find a hater or two lurking around, but it takes class to see it as a compliment rather then a attack on your relationship


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