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We're all guilty of it, but some of us go from telling their friends what's on their mind to completely making an itinerary of their life. When do status updates go from informative to completely annoying?

The "To Do" Lister: From the start of their day till the end, this person makes sure to tell you in great detail! their daily plans. If you have friends that on a regular basis post updates like "going to the store, then getting my car washed, then having a turkey sandwich for lunch, breath, oh and work 4-9" then they definitely fit in this category. Not only is this dangerous because your telling strangers where you'll be all day, but who really cares that you have a dentist appointment.

The Boyfriend Reminder-er: Friends in this category are similar to the to do listers, but the only difference is they also have to emphasis their boyfriend in the process. Updates like "Movies with the boyfriend,going to the shore with the boyfriend, with the boyfriend" scream the immediate question "Do you do anything alone? or at least with other people?". Its natural to feel like you have to tell the world your in a relationship especially if it's going well. However there is that exception for those who have never found a decent guy and finally got their big break. I think they are safe to gloat just a little, as for the rest of the bunch i'm pretty sure your friends have gotten the memo you have a boyfriend. Friends in this category also are also known for posting the find the "hidden" meaning statuses that about 90% of your friends know to whom you are referring to.

The DJ: This category is for those who can only express themselves through music. Don't get me wrong sometimes there are those unique songs that just illustrate everything you feel and its easier to post the entire song rather then quote it. But when they have Taylor swift, Eminem and every other artist in between speaking for them, maybe its a clue that this person doesn't have an original thought. People in this category also are notorious for doing this during an emotional roller coaster in their life.

I can honestly say I was guilty of doing this until I saw other people doing it as well. It was like looking into a mirror to finally realize that no matter how many songs or lyrics I posted, the person the song was suppose to be for never contacted me to say "I can't believe this is how you feel" "I'm such an idiot" If your lucky you'll get a wise crack comment saying "is this about me?" Nevertheless it rarely gets you the happy ending you were hoping to get from it.

The Philosopher: Every now and then we all hear a nice quote and want to share it, sometimes words of wisdom are found within ourselves to post, but when your updates start sounding like fortune cookies and your two statuses away from sounding like the riddler then maybe you're a little too deep for your audience

The Notifier: When you think about it, you hardly see an update from this person unless it's them asking you to help them out on their imaginary farm.

The Dark Cloud: Plain and simple, you don't remember the last time they have said anything positive or remotely happy. They have worked so hard to prove their life is the hardest that not even little orphan Annie can compete with them.

The Conversators: You would think that after five or six wall posts they would call, text or IM each other, but no. Instead the top news on your homepage is Amanda Jacobs > Mellisa Dawson going on about what appears to be the biggest inside joke of all time.

Generally there is nothing wrong with doing any of this stuff yes we get a little upset now and then yes we have those days were we just want to promote or boyfriends, but it doesn't hurt to change it up a little so your friends aren't rolling their eyes at all your updates.


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