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My Top 5 ....


When we were little girls we had this list of what we wanted in a guy, but once we got older, we forgot to also focus on what we didn't want. So many of us can get so mesmerized by the pros that we are blinded by obvious cons

The Loser

This is the guy who has to find a ride for everywhere he goes, is living off unemployment checks and a good time out consists of reckless entertainment. He has no life goals or aspirations,his best friend is Jack Daniels and his first wife is Mary Jane.

Mr. Humble This is the guy who feels like he's doing you a favor by going out with him, loves getting attention, the smartest thing he's ever done was finish high school and you find him glancing in any kind reflection from time to time. You have nothing in common with him except the way you feel about his body and not only is he full of himself, but he is quick to drop you when you no longer fit his "image" aka the girl he met last night.

The Tech GuyYou name it he has it, from smart phones to the newest video game counsel; this is guy is all over the latest technology. You can't go a whole date without him giving you the "one moment" gesture to take a call or text, and his idea of fun is waiting in line for apple's recent upgrade.

The Womanizer

Knows more females then he does males, his facebook photos are mostly nights out clubbing, gives you pet names and cheesy pick up lines via text, avoids certain areas when going out and only wants to hook up late at night

Donnie Downer

The guy who has a permanent dark cloud over his head, thinks everyone is out to get him, finding yourself spending more time cheering him up then enjoying your time with him, stuck on a recent relationship that failed and is only talking to you cause of their vulnerability


When it comes to dating, it's important to pay attention to small details that could save you from dating a complete moron. Sometimes it can be hard to spot out the red flags, however on more than one occasion is it easy to see when your stepping into fire. Next time you're on a date pay attention to when they tell you about themselves. For example you ask "How long was your last relationship?" he says " A year" that's when you should ask how long ago and what went wrong. His answer is important in order for you to know how much he's over the break up and why it ended. Remember there are two sides to every story and since you most likely can only get his side pay attention to how he sells it. My top 5 are only a few things to look out for we all have our Do's and Dont's..What's Yours?


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