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How Soon is too Soon?

So the first date is going really well. Your into him and he's definitely into you. It's time to say your goodbyes for the evening, but a simple kiss goodnight isn't going to suffice. Should you go for it? or call it night?

We're only human, and because of this we naturally feed off urges from others when the chemistry seems to be very strong. However, if your are in the hopes of getting a relationship out of this, maybe jumping into sex too soon may not be the best choice.

What to Look out For: If you find that he is moving very fast in terms of him being so into you and making you feel amazing don't underestimate him. This doesn't automatically mean he's playing you, but it doesn't mean he's being honest with you either. Sometimes the biggest hints are in the smallest conversations. When playing 21 questions during dinner, pay attention to key points. Ask how long his recent relationship was. If he just got out of a 1-4 year + relationship he may not be too interested in finding love again so soon. Also ask how many relationship he's had. If they all seem to be short term, that's a clue that he's not sure as to what he really wants. Be aware if he is quick to show affection, sometimes even a "gentleman" has tricks up their sleeve.

When is the Right Time?: First be honest with him. Let him know that if things are going to get serious, it's important that you both get to know each other. It's your body don't feel that your entitled to sleep with him because it's a part of dating. Also, Don't Rush into Anything! As hard as it is, it will save you from loosing him two weeks later or at least feeling betrayed and hurt. Also remember to always appear available, but never be available. Make sure he's always chasing after you. There isn't an exact time that is the perfect moment to start sleeping together. It's basically up to you to figure out whether or not you trust this person, and that they are serious. Anyone can tell you what you want to hear, and it's easy to get caught up in the moment. But it's up to you to decide whether or not this is just a fling or something real.

So, the both of you are alone, the dates coming to a close and it's starting to feel like you're in a scene from the Notebook. This is the moment where you ask yourself "Should I go through with this?" The last thing you want are the tingles to fade, and your phone to stop ringing because he pretty much got everything he wanted from you. Never let anyone sell you for less then what you are. If he wants it, let him work for it.


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