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The Seven Deadliest Friends

We all have one or know of one. That person who is just pure toxic to your life. Just like people, friends like these come different shapes and sizes the question is which one is yours?

The Scene Stealer
The girl that even on your birthday finds a way to make it all about her. Takes all your ideas, is relatively codependent,and when confronting her has the nerve to say you're being too self involved.

The Drama Queen

Confides in you with her deepest, darkest secrets, but slowly puts her own drama into your life. She has more stories then a sky scraper, and convinces her enemies to be at your house with pitch forks and torches.

The Frienemy Basically she loves you today and finds a way to hate you tomorrow

The Maneater You tell her about your biggest crush and right when you're ready to make your move she's already made her's

The Backstabber
Like the maneater, but is quick to throw you under the bus to save her own ass

The Barbie Doll

She's as fake as you can get, incapable of having an intelligent conversation with you because she's about as deep as a kiddy pool

The Prima Donna You're basically only useful to her because in her vapid mind you make her look prettier, wears about as much make-up for ten faces, and claims she is being personally victimized because so many people keep asking for her number which secretly is her fuel of living

If you've had a friend like this congratulations of breaking free, if you still have a friend like this, shame on you!! I'm pretty sure you have better things to do in your life then humor her ego. People like this are generally insecure and have to feel wanted in some way or another which leaves you in the middle of it all because it's obvious she can't do it alone. Simple and easy cut her loose! so what if you've made one enemy i'm pretty sure she doesn't wake up thanking God that you're in her life.


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