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5 Signs He Is A Player

We all have that one friend who falls for the bad boy or we just think it's common sense to know when a guy is only after one thing. However when it's happening to you it can be hard to pull yourself away from the obvious and see what's right in from us. Like me, sometimes we have to  learn these signs the hard way. After surveying several guys, the answers were pretty unanimous of what to look out for

1. He sells himself as the victim 
Whether its your first date or the first time you two have a conversation outside of texting pay attention to how he sells himself. If he tells you that he always gets dumped and he can never find a nice girl most likely he can already tell that you are a nice girl. Instantly! You are thinking "omg that's me! i'm a good girl" this is the moment he found his bait to reel you in. He wants you to feel bad for him and have that drive to prove your different then the fictional girls who have broken his heart. This is his way to use this to his advantage to get his way with many things since you're such a sweetheart. Although there may have been a time where he really did get his heart broken don't underestimate him. Keep your guard up

2. He Suddenly Gets Distant
 Right now you're confused because he went from texting every day if not all day,gave you phone calls before bed, and sent you the sweetest texts to the point where your inbox is now full from all your saved messages from him

3. He ignores your texts and phone calls (especially when you know he is on the other line)
 It's like pulling teeth for you to have a conversation with him. Before God forbid you walked away from your phone for 2 minutes he was freaking out, now most of his texts are one word answers and you find yourself having a better relationship with his voice mail. Note If you keep hearing that (beep) when calling him most likely he is talking to his next victim
4. His excuse is "I'm really busy" 
         Hey we all have lives especially if we have a lot on our plate whether its juggling school, work, and everything else in between, but no one is THAT busy where they can't pick up a phone or text the person they so called like. If they don't want to lose you why would they make you think they lost interest by becoming distant. Truth is he has the time to call you or send you a text the reality is he just doesn't want to. Most likely he is too distracted by someone else at the moment. Also keep in mind that if he does "find time" literally look at the time. If he is contacting you after 11 pm most likely he doesn't just want to talk and see how your day was. 

5. You have a Gut feeling that something is a little off 
 One of the best rules in life are to always trust your instincts. If you feel like there is something wrong now go with that feeling. Don't force yourself to believe that this person is genuine if you're unsure. The beginning of a relationship should be the happiest time. If things are bad now that's already telling you what kind of a guy he is and how the relationship would turn out to be. 

The best way to prevent playing the fool is to always keep your guard up never let them think they have an edge on you do what you can to let them chase after you. No this doesn't mean you'll be playing cat and mouse the entire relationship, it just implies to use this time to get to know him. Find out who he really is, space it out. If he calls don't be quick to answer if he wants to hook up take things slow. Don't let him think your running your schedule around his. Let him prove that he really is this great guy he claims to be don't push it out of him have him come to you.


  1. Sometimes going through things it's hard to see clearly, but when we take a step back and look again...We see the truth for what it is !
    Great article by the way !!!

  2. The best way to protect ourselves against the old,"bait and switch" is to take our time in new relationships and set boundaries. The real person will soon surface. And like Jersey scarlet said, "Trust your instincts".
    Great job Jersey scarlet....


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