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If Only 3! Were A Crowd

Boyfriend have a lot of friends? Do you feel intimidated by it? Are you reading this blog because you feel shadowed by his social life? If you answered "Yes" to all of these questions this is definitely the blog for you.

Not everyone is a social butterfly, some of us only have a few close friends that they've had since high school while others have the gift of making friends at the post office. If you're dating a guy who appears to know the entire! neighborhood then it can be a little intimidating when you have more of a reclusive personality.

Places of Insecurity

  • At a Party
One of the worst situations is to be at a party and feel completely foreign to everyone else. No one wants to be in a situation where they don't know anyone and can not relate to what is going on. It makes the experience awkward and just plain dreadful. Which may even have you contemplating on if the relationship is even worth the humiliation. As remedial as it sounds, the best approach is to approach them! Begin with a simple "hi!" or "Hey I'm _____". Ask how they know the person hosting the party. Don't feel like you have to carry on the conversation if it's not going the way you would like it to go. Move on tell them you'll catch them later. By putting yourself out there, you're stepping out of your comfort zone and giving a try to how your boyfriend socializes ( at a more elementary pace). However, making the effort shows you're not afraid to try new things and you accept being around the people in his life. Also, by taking the time to meet new people you might find one other person in the same situation.

Join In! if a group of people decide to play a game give it a try. Don't know how to play? watch the first round while asking your guy the rules of the game. If you like what you see ask to play next.

  • His solo "Adventures"
You can't be with him ALL the time so when the time comes for his annual camping trip with "The Gang" use this as an opportunity to create your own agenda. Okay so you can't just make your own group of friends over night, but you can make due with the ones you have. Friends busy?  Try some solitary activities that could get you interacting with new and exciting people.
  • Join a Class
    • Try taking a yoga class or an aerobics class. Research studios in your area
    • Like to cook? Always wanted to learn how to draw? Community Colleges are always offering basic skilled classes  where you don't even need to be a student to enroll.
  • Volunteer
    • Instead of complaining about the social life you aren't having why not help someone whose life is a lot worse off than yours. Non profit organizations are always looking for volunteers to help out for food drives or even tutoring children.

You were feeling pretty good when your friends list hit 200 till you looked at his and he's batting 1,000. Most of your tagged pics were done yourself while he has pages of random times out with his buddies. Though we all know that the social media frenzy does not determine how popular someone actually is, for some it still can be intimidating.

Don't! Make it a contest: Never feel like you have to add every person you meet just to catch up to his "quota" Have friends that you've added but never really talk to? Reconnect with them. Comment on one of their status' or like a picture. Make do with what you already have.

Do! Become inspired: Get in the habit of always carrying your camera with you. Take random pictures of your nights out. Post funny status's of what you're doing. Have fun with your page to show your friends how more outgoing you are becoming.

There is nothing a guy finds sexier than his girlfriend trying new things. Especially if they are the things he has an interest in. No guy likes a girl who complains that he is spending more time with his friends than her. By getting involved shows your open to sharing your guy with other people. So maybe your not the girl that everyone knows, at least now you know how to be everything but inconspicuous.


  1. I love how you gave examples of awkward situations, but how you can turn them into a great night !

    Different activities to get involved in was a plus :)


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