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You Aced The First Date! Now What?......

So you had an amazing date. On a scale from 1-10 you'd probably rate it a 20. You were up all night telling your best friend the details, and slept like a baby reminiscing of how much fun you had together. Now comes the fun part...WAITING FOR HIM TO CALL. I'm sure you've already took the initiative and read countless articles of whether or not he is interested, why he hasn't called, or if you should call him. Which now brought you to mine. One of the worst things about dating is it can be unpredictable. Sometimes you could have followed all the "rules" and still be alone on a Friday night.

Give Yourself a Deadline.

No matter what advice you take, you're still going to be thinking in the back of your mind when this guy is going to call or text you. Allow yourself about a week of waiting around to make your decision to move on.

Think like a Guy.

If things are really amazing now would you want the tingles and butterflies to fester away so quickly? I'm sure you've already heard this before,but that's because its true. KEEP BUSY!  the less you lock yourself  in the house analyzing his facebook page the more you could be doing other things to keep your mind off him not calling you.

Pull Yourself Away From Emotional Attachment.

If you've already slept with him then you're gonna have to work twice as hard to stop thinking about the amazing relationship you're convinced the two of you will have. If you're worried that he shied away because you already fell into bed with him. Don't panic! Be evasive! That's grown-up talk for DON'T BE CLINGY. Trust me, I know you're disagreeing with me right now that you're not, but if you agree that because you two slept together, you've created a stronger connection, then you definitely have clinger tendencies. This is only for the fact that women move by their emotions. If he does call it's kind of too late to abolish the romance, but you can space it out and bring to his attention other things you have to offer.

If it's already day three and he hasn't called contact him. Tale control instead of being submissive to him. Suggest an idea of where to go on your second date. For example "Hey the Plain White T's are in town Saturday we should get tickets" Avoid any indication that you've been waiting for him to contact you. If you don't get a reply or you receive an open ended answer Don't sweat it.  Don't make it your priority to get his attention. Don't worry about loosing him. You can't lose what you've never had so take the risk. Even though it may feel like it, he's not the only amazing guy in the world. And if he truly is amazing then he'll find the time to get your attention. How many times have you ignored someone you weren't into and they still try to get your attention? Treat him like that guy. The curiosity of why he hasn't heard from you will most likely lead him to contact you very soon.

Prepare Yourself

Keep in mind that when worst comes to worst there may be that possibility that he's not interested. He may have thought you were great, but realized it's bad timing. He may be talking to someone else, someone he met before you, or he only sees you as a friend than a girlfriend. Take a deep breath and remember that if this amazing opportunity happened now then it will happen again and actually work out. Think of this situation as preparation for the guy you're truly suppose to be with.

If he finally does call, try to convince him that he can still have the same life he had when he was single. (minus the seeing other people part) A lot of guys are afraid to commit to a relationship because they fear they won't have time to go out and try new things.  Let him know that the both of you can explore together and that you're okay with giving him space to do his own thing now and then which will give you time to venture out too. This way when he asks "what are u up to?" your replay wont be "nothin' much chillen" it will be something interesting. Don't think that just because he called back you can weigh out not keeping your cool. Still remain patient (as best you can be) and understanding that it may not be about the two of you 24/7.

Do yourself a favor and turn off your phone! Go for a walk, Buy that book you've been meaning to read. Give yourself a break from worrying so much. Following this advice is easier said than done I know, but you still have to try. If you're frustrated because it seems everyone else is finding happiness,  keep in mind that what may make someone else happy may not work the same for you. You've made it this far so don't give up on yourself your time will come.
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